PM Modi funny speech in Parliament today, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia confused whether Laugh or not.

Narendra Modi Latest Speech

Jim: wtf?? Ann? waIT!!!

faisal alhasawi

Burj Khalifa ( Tallest Tower in the Universe ).


how 0-o



Imagine peace

It looks just EPICEnough with remake movies Disney!


Dude report


My problem is that I don’t TRY enough... Like I’ve literally been procrastinating from doing my homework for five hours now...

Apw Popper

the part involving lost is a mission in the main campaign

oli palenapa

my favorite was the crib

Rhett Mashburn

4:53 cringe

Is that you real name or if that just a pen name?


Như con cặc địt mẹ dẹp kênh đi 😝

Grows up

Adrian Cano

coby i am mad

The1 DJ

Most rewinds- get more dislikes than likes

sleepy kitter

Wow people are so rude nowadays.. Jesus. Treat people the way you want to be treated!! it isn’t that hard!

Felix Baughn

anyone watching this in 2020?

Minel FootBos

Germany will win

Tamir Oglesby

I have this game

Mr. Wolf

I love how Guillermo's laugh made Steve Kerr laugh. Priceless.


you go panda

Vietnam Destination

Wow almost 90 million views..

Andjelija S

But here in Serbia we just don't think that way and it's ok...

I don’t Do YouTube videos

I think it’s going to be panda a.k.a panda

Travis Quimby

Uwu owo uwu

Michael Bartolazzi

I love his videos like the end of this one was funny


i wanna see him hit that thing as hard as he can< even without a hoop that would b sick

Alex Boricua

They look like cats 😂😂😂

James: ...How.


Jesus Roos

Como te extraño Estefani , no se porque todo es tan confuso y tan complicado en esta vida, Te amo

Chris Repchinuck

dude perfect your my favorite youtuber

Patrick Bodame

@makaveli65 well im sure they did this more than once, so im sure they have camera views from each time they did it. duhhhhhhhhhh


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