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Skull Breakr

Ricardo’s shots = FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ritwik Srivastava

The most amazing fact about your videos isn't just the content but the editing style as well.

joe u

Someone’s dying

Nguyễn Thái Anh

heeeeeeeeeey! @FunWithGuru! Do a easter eggs hunt on GTA V!!!

Tulip Pixel

Lol I have asbergers too 😂😂😂

czar trak

I thought the donut box thing was in no hope in hadleys XD



Two words:Bounty Hunter

April Wheeler

I just got diagnosed with BPD today , i didn't know what it was but watching this explains how i have been feeling and how i act , i have all of the symptoms and I'm scared as I'm alone and don't know how to deal with it, i have just been given meds but i don't have anyone to talk to about it

mr insanity 52

I know people don't understand

Taste Captain

I don’t like rap. I fucking love this! Speaks to how the bloke is!

-Alexia Vibes-

I actually had diagnosed OCD;-;


4:36 Now That’s a lot of damage! hasn't he said that like 100 times already

I'm in Topanga like I'm Cory M

Bubble gum Beast mode

september 2018

Kaia martinez

This is how many people love Jennifer Lopez


The guy that voices PAC is Nick from deadrising3


Anyone in 2019

The Annacorn XX

When it’s pouring down with rain 0:00

Gxcha Star

I dont have friends 🤦🏼‍♀️

Lime Doe

damn right.

Kyle Uhlir

You should film with Aaron Rodgers

Nicholas Torres

Post Malone x Tyla Yaweh?👀🔥💯

Path Finder


Gene Israel

Like if this bitch lit

Zachary Boy

go friggin canada y'all like maple syrup thanks us canadians

Aketia Seymour

What about momz

CharaAj venom

I feel sorry for u hope u are OK now


Also 1:15 that is sack boy dick head even I know that and I don't play littlebigplanet

Adham Taha

I watched all the stories from our future you posted it all in the same time


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