Rainbow Six Siege - Random Moments #51 (Operation Lag, Ela Is Creepy!)

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adrià espejo cubero

number 4 xD

Oliver O'Brien

Get Air is soooo much better than Skyzone

Leyva Kidz

The most amazing part in this video is this man's beard 4:00

Jungkook BTS

Believe me, u are the one , whom my heart find's , whom my mind reminds me of , whom my destiny wants . whom I love the most .

hilma cespedes


Miss Mami ChiRaq

Love his voice and lyrics but don’t like this song lol

Abdulaziz Dhaen

Ilove you

Come to my channel and earn a lot

Video class! Simply fantastic!


Was I the only one who saw the thing jumping in the background at 3:23?

do you think that's plausible funwithguru?

Donald's daughter

Didn't he send a car into space or something

Temur Olloberganov

Okay Uzbekistan

Sushila Poudel

I also download your dudeperfect2 game


You should get a huge pool And some out door basket ball hoops

Stella McCurdy

The beginning is the opposite of David Dobrik!! 😂😂

Eddie Bongard

They always say the bigger the better

Chelsey Baker



I feel for you man, remember you are perfect in the way you are :)

Ganon: Heres Jonny


The Office xD


Great vid Guru, I used to play Ratchet and Clank all the time when I was younger, I remember in going commando that if you went to a certain planet during a specific hour, you would be teleported to an insomniac museum including ratchet and clank characters which I thought was pretty cool :D

Sandra Roberts

2019 anyone

Me: BOI!!

Lyl Viko

I swear to god you can't show video game easter eggs without at least one being about 'Back to the Future'

Mariusz Player

Arcade raja's 

Burglar: runs away screaming


—beats me in basketball 😂


Don’t go die but let coby win every once in a while.

The Yellow Ninja

Will there be new Eeveelutions in Sword and Shield?


The walls can be modular and standardized, engineer mistakes can be fixed, it will improve cost efficiency, available resources from neighborhood cities can be borrowed when the prediction of the path of a storm is accurate, and reinforcements can be made on critical points.

Vishakha Singh

Dude perfect

Hoppsan Stenkul

Can you guys do art stereotypes


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