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Maya Gumi

I’ve experienced the exact same thing....

ArtIs ABlur

Next get pat macafee and Adam vinateri

abc z


Watermelon 123

Well I had TWO doubles AND a triple in one game

Grand Dad

Haha dead mom dab

Bear Skills


Matt Silver

What is pandas real name

Predictive Homoeopathy - Reviews | Facebook I know what it feels like to to have an ill brother. I only saw him once when he came to my house when we thought he was going to be ok but he had to be rushed back to the hospital. Keep in mind this was all in Venezuela and the medical equipment is very bad and money was scarce. ♥️♥️🇻🇪🇻🇪

Joshabeth Escobar

this video told me to get my shit together and stop being a broke piece of shit

Vivian Nagy

Man, these onion fumes are STRONG. 😭

Hermes Bunch

Tyler is beast



bryan herrera



When I was 3 I was in love with Ash from Pokemon 😂 I still have a bit of a secret crush on him

Shaun May


im stupid af

Tony Bennett

Way too loud...and I love it

Cuong Mai

I'm going nuts, who's in the panda suit!

Westley Brown

Tyler for the win

Blueberry Sans

now that is the most powerful spork

sam robinson

this is stupid and fake!

Liza Khachaturova

Billy was better


That’s crazy

Jane Dear?

I’ve been uncomfortable around people since I was young, but I could always sort of manage. My family has a lot of mental illness on both sides and I didn’t grow up in a very healthy household. I’m not really sure which of those thing is the culprit. Maybe both.

Vandana Tripathi

Cody yo!!

Abbie Sketches

This is to anyone with this problem I have never had any mental disorder but my freinds douse always remember there are people who love you and there is happyness in this world Evan though some days may seem like it's just cloud there's always a sun behind it just gonna point that out oops

Lil Ducky

The original E3 demo of the original Watch Dogs looked better than this.

Zoe Pardo

January 2019??

John Demetriou

What does duke say at 4:23 ?

Punchy pineapple

Dp,thanks for using christian contemporary , next can you use til the day I die also by toby mac next?

Liam Brissette

I think they feel braille (is that how they spell it?)

Peter Johnstone

I like the faith cosplay on Saints Row 2, nice one :D

Marmar myhr

there is an easter egg i spotted on the wrecked ship in madhouse mode that you can find a herb in a shoe. refrence to wall-e?

Marshy Mallow

They probably used science for trickshots😂 no hate!! Its pretty

Danny Alvarado

She’s an angel 👼 😇

heri po


Vibu Vignesh

To save his people??really?

FeaR Tayz


on YIAY 460

Michael Cheng

is it me or did the ball curve in mid air?

Lesan - Veen

3:14 , did anybody see Ty dancing in the background?

Ryle Jasper Malicay

They wasted a lot of precious gatorade

raquel carias1

it's so amazing that the dudes did this for Dylan they are truly awesome


um this video was fake cos the walking dead one does not exist


You should of done xxxtentacion as the Rapper names

Tater Nuts99

2019? Lol the beard has begun


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