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Lucario _Playz Gachalife

well my mom jells at me when im crying and says:"Why are you crying?!"

Ethan: spends $900 on two robot vacuums so they can battle each other

Moral: Be yourself. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Don't let others judge you. Your unique. Your beautiful just the way you are! And have a nice day! ~♡



Jacoby Powell

You should do blitzball trick shots 4 2018


This came out way before Skyrim...

Conditions when I was a baby when I was born I almost died

Tracy Sears

Copyright Chad Wild Clay

Uriel Rosado

You should film with Barcelona

Gacha Moony

Wheres the gang lol

Alisha Dewees

That last shot was SICK!!!!

MARVEL and DC კომიქსები


Dainelle Sopko

Tyler Tony why can't the toilet papercross the road. Because it got stuck in the cracks

Allen Worden

the finest hour one is becuase the delevopers daughter died

Nan Ese

at 2:23


so hang on they could get ironside back for a cameo but they don't want him doing anymore actual games? like wtf that is a slap in the face us having to be forced to accept that other douche from me that is the saddest part about this cameo is that just for a breif moment we get to here og sam again but never again after this.


Seriously sign up for nba

Cool Kid

Fish licker

Chowvie Gaming CM

10:55 i actually cried... 😢😢

xxSniperprogamerxxHdxxLPxxGhettokidxxXxX Money

I found one more at epicenter


Dude your awesome and all that, but your not super awesomely hot until you make a Destiny video.

Suman Kumar

Ty the best

moon light


Antony Lai

Please sue Pro Ana


April 2019?

Pax Nick



Panda ambush

West Michigan Fishing

I hate that to John. This game is looking EPIC!!!!!


Just a Human

Happy Birthday Marbles 💋🥳

Cupid Green

I can sort of relate because I have A.S. Which stands for asperger syndrome, I got a lot of therapy and still do, but there’s a problem... I really appreciate what my parents have done for me but their religious and I don’t want to be and when they want to go to church with them and I don’t like church because it’s crowded and load which I really do not like

Bourbon 97

Cucked to tears...ironic

Keep it up

Lainey Dunlap

Idk how you do it.I couldn’t live with it.Its hard enough I have type 2 diabetes ,I couldn’t imagine what you have.Your story will help me realize I am very lucky.I don’t know what to say.God will help you.

Dragon OfDubstep

oh no,first war thunder,AND WATCH DOGS,games,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE


the giant rat is a easter egg 0:26 . the second clip is a glitch and he tell us that too (he was recording for showing the easter egg but this glitch happend) read the text in the video 0:37


Just a french guy passionated be what you do, I can't thank you enough for your good work Guru. You got a real international fan base, friend. We'll stay here for you, we love you man <3


Goddamnit Japan, stop being so fucking creepy with the cutesy songs.

charlie hubbell

Press F to pay respects to Coby

Brandi BadGirlie

Be skinny where? be thicc


Who are watching in 2018

Master Biel

I like so much the the upper 90 because im a brasilian olá dude perfect

Very well done James Corden..

Riley Painter


Dallas Simpson

everyone here who are saying the same stuff.. i think that is a lot of girls here on youtube working hard to get noticed!! can we give them more time and help them!!!!!

Robo Eliminator


Neb - Roqket

Im crying at work rn! 😭😭😭

Tayler Hemmenway

I cringe if I use more than 30 dollers


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