(REVIEW) Pose | Season 2: Ep. 1 | Acting Up (RECAP)


cathal macgearailt

Hurling is way harder and way better


You can average 31 points a game and get criticized.. damn

XxKai_ GamezxX

I dab in 2018

Anime&kpop fan Sophia

Many people say I have OCD, but no, I am simply a perfectionist. However, my family members do have OCD

Let her cook (if she doesn't knows how to cook I don't know why are you with her in the first place) (but lucky for you there's millions tutorials on YouTube that can teach women to cook)


That rap song at 0:17 sounds so cool. Can't wait for the soundtrack.

USA Athiy Anything

who is anxiety

oliver clothesoff

Watch the online have a delorian (I forgot how to spell it and don't feel like looking it up)

Kimberly Herbek

if you just click anywhere that isnt a link or the video then type 1337 itll turn the comments into number text

Isabella Rana

!!! watch to the end, there are kittens!!!!

Arnau Hernandez

Dude perfect is AMAZING! !!


Thats sad:(

Wolf In Slytherin

Yo, The Flash up in here. Did the lightning give you abs? 😂

I forgot wot thus was

sushi stormy1

Lucky we dont get rival in strayya

Sherry Hollcraft


LN Forever

guy things excuse me?!😂👱🏻‍♀️

B r i a

Clicked for hot Eddie

Ian Finegan

Warriors fans are such assholes 🤦‍♂️

Air_ Head

Lets be real, doesn’t matter how fancy your Mac and cheese is, Kraft dinner is always better, or at least I think

Matthew Beazley

Do a black oops 4 stereotypes


Marketing strategy: kittens

Conclusion:This is fake The Song Is About Being Alive:P


Great video

Marc Gallagher

My girls (6 and 7) think you need a zipline, a jacuzzi and a pool. I think it all looks amazing!

Lutvi Amalia

OMG I Love your videos! ❤ Thanks for making this story. I really enjoyed it.

Sean Baker

00:47 Ah, I see youre a man of culture as well

Katelyn Chow

you hate kids but you become a teacher 🤷🏻‍♀️

Timmedietom Fonteyneuu

I never understood what's so funny about ruining somebody's life...

Dustin Ingal

Ty's dad are look alike in the costume

Chandler: Quits in the first 4 seconds

30:09 : “Title”


Holy fuck... Now I want to buy Red Faction... MLP FTW

Almira M.

I was watching the part where she said "and then I passed out" and an advert came on just after and went "just keep breathin and breathin and breathin and breathinnn"


WTF was that in the end

Hamdan Game

Red team

loser 55

Where's Justin Y?

Jennifer Moretz

Don't hurt PANDA!!!


if you shoot the two gnomes in alborz mountains at the same time, there will be a dino egg that spawns in the room under the golf ball-looking building

Yuan Playz

yay my favorite billy


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