Rhaegar and Elia's marriage. What was really going on?

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Brady Benedict

Personal preference, but I never liked DC merging Watchmen into their overall universe. I loved having it be it's own thing.

Jack Bransome

1:26 how because he’s black yet bad at basketball?uncultured swines

Jayce Lopez


Indoraper from JWFK

Me feal bad for you

RocketAllie1 Payz

4:24 Grayson looking low key like zac Efron

The worst with MCDD is this: It is kind of autism, But it also contains symptoms related to BPD and symptoms related to schizophrenia and these symptoms do overlap with each other and once that happens, it is downright crippling. It was also super hard to treat it, because the therapies that worked for BPD related symptoms do not work the moment my schizophrenia-like symptoms pop up. And for a long ass time no one had a clue what I had and how to treat me because they were so confused on what the hell was doing on with me.


lol bitch 👀


Makes video about attachment types and types of relationships


Producers: How much spoiler are we going to put in the trailer? Director: NO

Calamity Jane

Over the tree and in the hoop

fluffy grapes

I'm an introvert 0-0


U should get the dudesons. I feel like that would be fun

I have around 0 subs lol

OMG! This is the exact opposite of their video where she called the police on her own mom

praba haran

Panda obviously 🐼

Rizing F4LL

#YAIYjob Jack's servant because she loves him so much. Lol jk


the green claptrap was actually meant to be found via climbing on top of Marcus' shop and standing on the arrow, then he shouts at you "hellloo"

But hey, you should do an easter egg video on PAYDAY 2 some time, there are quite a lot of references and easter eggs there.


LORD Brawl Stars

Balloon got struck in tree... 8. spend five minutes swimming in a tub of ice cream

Yoongi Yoongi

God I am so in love

colin mccarthy

Death comes to us all.I feel we should fear Death.I only say that,because we do not know when we


Thx for Jumpscare Warining bro :P.

Steve Skerritt

Do Canadian Stereotypes

Cust Cust

Looks like hero from big hero 6


Dead island CREEPY

Bowness Pizza

Well copyright for the fucking Canadian boy right just me!? It's not available where I live fuck:(

Kyle Vernon

This song sounds like literally every terrible mumble trap song and has no originality to it whatsoever.



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