Rick Nelson Garden Party

Aadi Vlogs i

I want to swim in Gatorade

Ryan Nichols

It's a tall order to come out after this injury and carry a team in the finals.

Trenton Page


Marcel Miolala

17 bounces


These guys are so cringey

Chenelle Beauty Tv

I never liked helicopters. They seem so fragile..


Я один из русских это смотрю?

Ula Selic

I love that she said she got an iPhone but in the picture it is an android! 😂😂


Generoso Gaffud

3:05 Checkmate , Flat-earthers.


crazy white people...

Ethan Sims

Team Coby forever

Killer Ch


Jack Of All Trades But Master Of None

Dude perfect copied happy Gilmore

garima Dahal

you need 3 trampoline


Next up, my mother is actually my kid

Marc_ Bruh

The one at the end

I want to clarify this is just my opinion and I highly doubt everyone's going to agree with me. I'm not saying the way that the girl in this video was treated was correct, I think her friend should have sat down and had a more calm conversation about it rather than simply telling everyone. I don't think bullying someone on this scale for an opinion is always right, even if that opinion could hurt the feelings of others who disagreed. Even though I disagree with her, I'm glad she's found friends who can talk to her more constructively about it. Even if I disagree with people who are homophobic, there's a huge difference between actively dissing people who are homosexual and just having an opinion on it when they don't intend to spread harm.


Girls really do everything but leave.

Valerie Chandler

Amazing but type in trew88446 and I love you guysWe lived in Frisco before

-Moon size changes when you shoot it.


@renewiz5Here's the funny thing about it.... Chuck Norris can do that with his ass XD

Tobi Akadiri

Tyler’s face when Cody are the french toast was priceless 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kimberly Taylor

I did and i regret it...

Summer ._.gacha

Well there is this girl who getts offended really easily but like if you give her an advise she hates you. So when i created a group for the class she was sending stuff that people didnt want so people started to get mad and then she left the group. I asked her "Whats wrong?" and she said "I dont want bossy people" and I told her "well you cant change people so just dont do what they dont want" AND NOW SHE IS MAD AT ME! she says I am a bully and now the whole class hates me (exept my bff who left me for other girls cuz I think they threated her or something so now i have to pretened i am not friends with her or they will get mad) And if you have any ideas on what i should do please write them ;-;

chris book

There is a man leaving his wife alone for a week to go on a business trip and leaves 7 apples for each day he is gone, why.the wife thinks the doctor is hot andhe leaves a apple every day bc a apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Strawberry Doqqy

I never knew people thought hysteria was about sex-

Ofek Turner

You are the best . I am going to be at the show! My name is Eden.I am a fan.

Queen angel Wolf

I feel you. But i have money for my brithday. And meh mom wont let me get one :(((((((((((

This is not the life I had envisioned for myself when I was young 😢

williem dafoe

That guy who said shit I thought it was 911 again is the real one




Teddy used the Med-X Already :D


hey Guru what actually happend to Porters daughter?


666k subs

Latonya Ricks



A&M sucks, except for the college football game against Alabama


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