Vad är era tankar? För idag om nååågot vill jag verkligen veta!!! Här är alla mina conspiracy theories jag gjort än sålänge: ta ledigt från youtube nästa vecka för att även jag ska få lite ledigt nu i sommar. Men är aktiv på instagram (nilssonvendelas).Hoppas ni tyckte om videon! Om ni gjorde det får ni inte glömma att tumma upp, kommentera och prenumerera. Ni hittar mig på:Contact: wellablogg@live.seInstagram: nilssonvendelasTwitter: nilssonvendelasSnapchat: vendelaatm-HEMLIGA KLUBBEN:Kommenteraom du ser detta ;)-Kamera - Canon EOS 700D & CANON G7xRedigeringsprogram - Final Cut Pro X

matthew yepez

Coby’sFake dad was my favorite

The Big Bear

Those cats are adorable 😍😍😍

Andrew Champy

Fat guy with the beard gets waaay too excited. Same thing every time.... yeeeeah.So annoying. I cant watch anymore. It’s all the same. I cant wait till they fall off the Internet

Hollow Thrills

i love the atmmosphere man so lonely and perfect it feels like the end of the world even in the video game i cant wait

Lovely cloud Lyrics

Girl, how did you tell this story? Did you write a letter?


the desing of new pokémons are so ugly...

Zafar Fayzullaev

Интересно сколько дубль было снято за один трюк ?)))

Lucas Stoodley

Don’t feel alone my crush said to me I don’t like you ok?

Peyton11 Rivers

What about the Diet Coke and mentos?

hunter playz

It's a sailfish Hola and pls pin dp dpdpdpdpdppd :3


Try to do a paper airplane dogfighting challenge, look it up on the paper plane man

Lara Lehew

Lol! Fruit porn!

Reelika Kivirand

A what what now? confused look 🤔

Raman Ak finish

that heavens gate reference tho

Ok so I had a dad called Charlie I’m Charley-Mae XD

Cartoon Nerd

That statue won't be able to have kids anymore :'c

Emoney Harris

I never wanted to give up on him

Meme Maynard

Ethan: keep our offspring protected......PUT HELMETS ON DEM MOTHERFUCKERS

That’s you, cartoon-mouse-voiced girl. That’s what you sound like.

Pepeluis Rosas

so fack

Nathan Molyneaux

The female robots voice is voiced good I loved to be my boss Me:WHAT!!!!!

Noah wishnow

At 0:47 is ty being a jerk

Jayden Ragan

I go for coby😎😎😎✌✌✌😄

YourName Games

this video is VERY GOOD SHIT

Carolyn Vogan

okay MatPat, get on it lol

jman h

Oh shoot i was wondering why that orc looked like kratos in a way

debbie sramek


Prince Clickbait

I lost by .02 points once :(

Thee Calamus

Zeke couldn’t beat DP but he beat his GF, smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ramesh Sawarkar

You can also do hotwheel battle

Donny Baum


Kim Jong-Un

how is he happy after he loses $50?


And now i want some Gatorade.


5,671 conspiracies later


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