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r/Prorevenge often has tales of vicious breakups. This breakup might be the most BRUTAL breakup story I have EVER heard. After this terrible girlfriend scams her boyfriend to support her OTHER boyfriend, this guy COMPLETELY DESTROYS HER LIFE, and even the life of her family members as well! This guy went total scorched earth! I would not want to cross OP... 😈 r/Prorevenge "YOU CAN'T STOP ME!" "Ma'am, You're Under Arrest" Funny Reddit Posts r/Prorevenge - Employee Accidentally DESTROYS His Terrible Boss's Life! Funny Reddit Stories Subscribe! Like this video if you want to see more!💬 Join my Discord: Follow me on Twitter: #prorevenge #funnyredditpostsu/AngryAussieGam3r,

jill Z




The Great One

What's up with the baby pants and baby watch?

Name Surname

This comment section is toxic.


Mini Ninja was literally my favorite game. I played it every day.

you: aww D:

l• Raura •l

Everyone in comments:

Thunder Demon

im watching in 2017

Sunilkumar NL

WTF i just seen


I bet when I’m that age I won’t even be able to get the ball in from 1 millimetre xD

Laiju pv

I Love dude perfect

Nissan GTR Nismo 2019

If I was a girl I would swipe right for KSI Everytime.


you should do a bunjee jump shot or dunk

Amanda Blayne


Now I have a different girlfriend, who I talk to almsot everyday, we are very close, but I still can't stop thinking about my old girlfriend and her actions. Her hurtful actions still continue to this day.

The boy: “And Maria who’s also from the Philippines”

Tracey Anderson

So cool played cod so many times didn't know these

Brindha P

Plz don't do the rage monster

Brae Nation

Panda 🐼

bubu fiz


Gordon McReady

we have a under 12 here

Nicholas Meyers

Coby will eventually win

Evan Williams

Are you sure you're not retarded/ jealous that they have more skill then you will ever dream of having. Also, dumbass, a gunshot would break the glass because the velocity/ force is concentrated on a very small point, so ALL of the force is put into breaking it. This isnt true in the case of a basketball, its point of impact has a wider surface area, so it would not be able to shatter it, dent it maybe, at best.


Guru, I got a Key! :D

Chester ThePro

Tijuana in 3

Ajinder Singh

how is the panda?


when you set the zombie on fire it sounds like his saying "Hjælp mig" which is danish for help me.. Hmmm


If none of u know what indie is it means well it's a company that make games with no achievements so like little arcade games really

Mellow kika :3

Strange when i born, i have too the cord on my neck

T. Horton

make another pga video!

Thank you YouTube

Ninja Pro

can you do a panda face revel

Omega Animations

Me: "mom I'm hungry"

Loren Leshone

I have ocd but a different type


Zelda's short hair is making me think she might fight with you in this game! If so, I'm so hype! Considering how major of a character she is, she doesn't get nearly enough screentime in any of the zelda games


Mirrors Edge 2* im not a grammar nazi but god damn man

Crimson strawberry

Kiki and Totoro!!!

Ammon Baker

the arch

Ashton S.

Make a fist    

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