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Gaming Historian goes over the 2nd handheld console from Sega, the Nomad. Released in 1995, the Nomad was basically a portable Genesis. Learn more about the system itself and why it failed to catch on.► New viewer? Subscribe! Facebook & Twitter:Questions / Comments?


They’re gonna have a bullfight at halftime 😂😂😂

Guy Lahav

do finding nemo

edmund moses arias

kd must play game 6, he dont need to crossover just shoot it man so you wont get injured


Gurus dead

EL zangado

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khgk gk

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Left 4 Dead 2 - Portal 2 Easter Egg


Claire Ma

They always do guys 0.0

•Pwerrie •

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This video was made by a gamer's mom who doesn't know you can't play Fortnite with a ps1 controller


I don't think machinima owns RvB it's mostly Rooster teeth's show


The editing is just God tier

Logan Allen

Gunna blanked

supermanPH gaming

Am i the only one who saw what happened to alaia at 1:52? Hahahahaha

Will Valero

I haveseen everyvideo .Don'teverstopmakingvideos .


I like all the videos from 2017, but mostly the ''Giant Sumo Battle'' because Coby won his very first battle.

Not actually doing it, just to lie and say different things. Once i see this, maybe I’ll have a better understanding and it be easier to help me friend. I definitely don’t know if this is a good idea, but I really wanna try it.

Daisy Ackroyd

James seemed thsodu on edge in that performance tbf........loved the grace and franki name blob

Sinovuyo Fosi

4 months???


My life is over.. Wtf where is it?


1:07 torey pudwill?? :D

Niecee Carmicle

Are they going to do this for all of their channels ? Cause I want more.😂

Henry Morgan

I’m a kid and I have depression because of my early childhood I don’t like talking about it either which makes it worse..

Marzipan Quiche

2019 bois!

Dashcam Dumbasses

Honestly fuck these fans. These are two top notch fighters in their own respect so why boo Ferguson? I get it, Cowboy is a really likeable person and Tony is more of a take it or leave it type but these fans are way too uneducated and emotional.

Kim 丅ᗩᗴᕼƳᑌᑎǤ

Who ever is reading this you're beautiful 😇

Zainal Nal

it is so grazy

shafi bahrami

And the bottle burst?

Chuck Smith

Industry plant where this nigga come from


Looks pretty but the combat looks clunky and frustrating, and the levels linear and nothing we haven't seen a hundred times before. I'll give it a try but I'm not positive. Definitely not paying full price on release.

Bot Michael

Thank you so much for making another


Instead of lying in bed... you could sue the place



Jessika Holgersson

You idiot, you must really hate yourself.



@TruelyLeGiTaMiTe Just let it go. Stop being so immature.

__.__ Ariana

“The Truth your parents care about you and want to be happy.”

Avery Davenport

my dad has type 1 diabetes and i'm sorry to whoever else is struggleing for their life

Dex alan888

Se volvieron a copiar de cd :v


I am always thankful for these videos guru, especially the music as well, Great Choice

Vinicius Santos


answer that..

Evie McCallum

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