shroud | PUBG SOLO | 23 Kills | M416+Kar98k | July 16

Funny molotov clip: for stream snipers :(Follow and support shroud: new 25 kills game from shroud: me on twitter:

Katja Kalff

Boys make more videos.The Last Video ist from 2015


This is how many fidget spinners they used👇

John Puffer

Does it even work underwater


Congratulations on making 500K. Been watching you for a good few years now and look forward to every new video. Thanks for answering my questions with such detail :D



did it read matto? matto means carpet in my language... matto probably has different meaning in that easter egg

meya Smith

my aunt died

Kelo Kaufusi


Assassins Pug

theres the kool-aid man

Clemente Cámbara

Awesome video as always, Guru!

Eamon Maloney

Who is under meeting

Leilah H

i actually got asmr from this 💀

OpGhostDavid Ninja

Man Odell to the Cleveland Browns

Nifty legend

Lol the panda at they end

Ben McMullen

I already played DudePerfect2

Marco T

Tell Scooby doo big foot is real


@codmw2isagoodgame lmao that'd suck

Madden Champ

OH whatdada debees

Honeyball Lecter

These damn ninjas cutting onions...

Don't get caught in the mix 'cause this shit is very dangerous


and overtime

FLS Lethal

Sub to me I do trick shots on Fortnite I want subs because my friend said he will wear a dress if I get 100 so please sub

Christian Parrish

Did you see Boris from bendy and the ink machine?

Nerdy girl from the video: I'm gonna give my phone back cuz creeps text me - ironic crying emoji. (Said after creating an account in a 18+ dating app)

funny pupppets



the bunnies in red faction is a reference to sr2 they look the same!


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm k

Adnan Jamil

Me:*arm falls off*

Kim Stephens


H vs O

The next one should be tennis

Alex french guy cooking: gas a pasta machine that can make 2kg of noodles per 10 min


hordes like an inventory full of these

KitCat NeedsFood

Almost all comments are minutes sgo! ╚══════╝

Jason Hubbard

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Cody

60 ping Kicks


Sean_King 2007

Compare dude perfect the to dude perfect today



Ro- man

Lil Baby done bits

Diddy Kong


Clef Box212

Who is the panda?

Samuel J

Anyone trying to jump off a building

Johny Strike

2:25 in skyrim guards talking:"i used to be an adventurier like you,then I took an arrow in the knee"

Class 4

this made tear up a little bit tbh

You should be asking what now

Aden Nystrom

common ty don't hit panda

kenny ross

Raptors will win game 6 or 7, it’s came down to one shot

Edit:omg I hit my world record it's 7 likes 🤗

Wiener God


Teddy B.

Girl: Red hair.

Shaka Lucas


Raymundo Mejia

Keep clicking nine

Katelyn Hutchinson

Killed someone with out gloves, thought they would get their victims great job there buddy...👏


Gonna get this game as soon as I buy a PS4. The New Order is better, but this one is only a prequel and still pretty damn cool.


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