Shut Up, EA, You Do NOT Get To Rebrand Loot Boxes As 'Surprise Mechanics'

In a moment of pure tasteless bollocks, Electronic Arts has attempted to rebrand its loot boxes as "surprise mechanics" and has told the UK parliament that they're "quite ethical." The "AAA" industry loves to change names when they become too dirty, like how microtransactions are now "recurrent user spending." But watching EA, of all companies, try to distance itself from the toxicity it had a huge hand in creating, is intellectually offensive. Shut the hell up, EA, you do NOT get to scuttle away from your own mess. #EA #ElectronicArts #LootBoxes #SurpriseMechanics #Politics #JimSterling #IndustryBSSource article:

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Speciale Aperta

Will you do a video about easter eggs in destiny?

The Crusader

09:19 I saw that easter egg before watching this video, I wanted to be the first one publishing it. :(

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He didn't call bank

Nat Kornblum

I think my best friend has this and I'm not sure what to do. She isn't treating me very well right now and I want to leave but I know it's not her fault.

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On this episode of "why the hell is this in my recommendations"

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the trapoleen shot

Edward Gregory



59 minutes ago

Parker Wheby

yo man all of these videos are sick.and it would be pointless to fake things like this.who would even think of faking it?thats retarded.

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britain exit=brexit

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Yo imagine bf5 having dinosaurs I mean almost all of there Easter eggs are from it

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SR3 easter egg not working

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I feel so bad for her :( I dont know what it's like bc I dont have cramps. Although I notice if you dont have cramps you're a heavy flower. Yet if you have cramps, you tend to be lighter . Just from my observation on friends and family (no hate needed)

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How did u make a rocket??

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lo que más me gusta del tema fue la parte de zion ¡¡ 👏👏


I feel bad for AI

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After watching this, I realized, if someone came at me with anything relatively close to what the Thundergun is, I'd pussy out and run.

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what type of cheating tho?

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plzz guys do on cricket

Aside from all jokes. Deep condolences for the one person who died. May they rest in peace.


Yeah boi


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