Skate 3 Review


That opening, LMAO

Jake Dahn

The thing is......this video game will still sell a LOT OF copies....because that's the stupid cod community.........also for the remastered cod 4

Jonathan Bjornes

Are Jfred and Mathias the same people

Melanie's Park

How will u know if you Get the video done

Finn Gatta

23 bounces

Chris Marshall

I think

assassingear ITA

you missed one, in the graveyard if you destroy all the graves it will apears 2 ghosts, the gears of war 2 dialogue of Maria death, , a "ghost" boltok and the dom and maria's photo

bella rahman



All sports golf battle is so goooooodd

Psychopath: takes a step near the window

Justin Yabut

Pour magnesium into a bucket of water



I had a manipulative ‘boyfriend’. Warning signs?

Papi Marrero

Gives me feeelings😭😭😭💇no you have to be nice

Porteño Master Race

I knew the Hillary C. one, I read it in wikipedia years ago.

Jenny Kaulback


rocket league king

0:50 this has turned many men into boys don’t u mean girl

The Raddest Ruddin

She did give in what are you talking about did she even listen to her own story?

Mohamed game

Where is the Arabic language


Without any disrespect but in the original i believe it was Jason's mom(the owner of the camping lodge,Mrs.Vorhees) who killed the kids for letting Jason drown,he picked up mom's work because she couldn't kill them all and now he's looking for the decendants of the "prey" :P

Bdguz Bdguz

lmao from 7:08 to the end of the easter egg

Cristal Mendoza Ayala

Boy 💙👶🏻


I was 2 when my parents got 13 now and im happy that my dad isnt with me now...he tried killing my mom by stabbing her with a knife once..

WeirdoBirdGamer As Known As Wren

This story comforted me but made me cry.


poor mother😢😢😢


1:18 well shit

Mio Wen

mY grADeS stArTED tO drOp

The Great Micheal Wittmann Himself

i like how you put some jokes on your videos.

Jonathan Ruiz

Dude this is perfect

22 and autistic... I’ve tried several dating apps since I turned 18 but I’m deciding to give up because I realized that I’m not good enough for a relationship and I don’t think anyone would ever put up with my weirdness, anxiety, etc. #foreveralone




Shes so happy and upbeat. She sounds like a newscaster

sharad mishra

15 in a row

This video is a joke. Making the main character a child in order to push an agenda or gain sympathy clicks is just sad.

karachi kids karachi

what price of this car


The Witch was a great movie uwu

Aaron the champ Beast Mode

Chuck E cheese

itsTwaza 110

This truly broke my heart

Fox Gaming


Zarina Gutierrez


athenea jinniewtf

At least ur crush wasn't the one messaging you abt inappropriate things


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