Snapple - The Rise and Fall...And Rise Again

1994 - Snapple is sold for $1.7 Billion1997 - Snapple is sold for $300 Million2000 - Snapple is sold for $1.4 Billion (as part of a bigger deal)This video takes a look at how Snapple became so valuable in the first place, why it lost so much value, and how they've gained it back. Oh, and Real Facts!Video got you craving a Snapple? You can buy it here:(affiliate)Patreon: Video: Sears: big thanks to all of my Consultant level Patrons: Alejandro Vinas, Amy Westacott, Andrew, Benjamin Thomas, Brian McClimans, Chris Lion-Transler, Cody Davis, Corey James Dzielinski, Cristian Smith, Devin Rosenthal, Dustin Van Horn, Erick McGraw, Garrick Kwan, Geoffrey Riccio, Gregory Estep, Harrison Wright, Helen Pearce, Jacob, Jacob Filmer, Jimmy1985, Joe Pettit, Johannes Jamsen, SuperWings AeroGlittetGel, Joshua W. Burt, Jsmooth, Kunwoo Kim, Marshall Kurtz, Matthew Manashe, Meow Wolf, Mike Weaver, MyNameIsKir, Nick Estorga, Robert Hamilton, Ryan Kelley, Sam Bennett, Sirpoptart, Sondre Grimsmo Sinnes, Specter Koen, Stewart Tritapoe, Thomas McGill, Tristan Williams, Vincent Frame.Company Declines: Kmart: Cups: "R" Us: Am: Electric: Made By -

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"Weedy Gonzales going to get victory today"1:43 - Coby. "I ... am .... Weedy Gonzales" 2:11 - Coby. "Codes, get out of the way!" 3:47 - Cory. Best lines of the video. Like if you agree.

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