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Hi, welcome to Videos for Kids! Spiderman cartoon gamefor kids from Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel's Spider-Man play set. Swing into action with Spidey and save New York City from the toughest villains like Mysterio, Green Goblin and Venom. Other Avengers such as Luke Cage and White Tiger or Black Cat from SHIELD are going to help him to stop the enemies. This are fun action Spider-Man videos for children. One of the best superhero Spiderman games for kids with toddlers songs.Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to share it and Subscribe!Music and songs by YouTube Audio Library.

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I think Chad is my spirit animal.


wait! what about the UFO?!


Wish he wud have showed us location on the map :P


His hoodie =red

Abbet Alingalan

Whose watching at 2018..

I didn't know what to write

Kim Seutah

The same thing happened in my school,this SHOULD STOP.


yesss love the toy story one! I used to think it was so satisfying when I was little before I even knew what asmr was

Pixel Warrior

You are the best easter egg hunter I've ever seen !

Much Love N Hugz

Can you just die already

dinoboy 11


Jenny Mison

at 6:00 cody swears. leave a like on this comment and subscribe to my channel ill se you next comment


When Fortnite removes redeploy.

Alaye Wadley

this proves nothing theagic of editing dnt u think

Jacob Neff

awesome video post dude perfect

emo suside

justine beiber as nathen drake god kill me

If you ain't no punk


Omg why is the exorcist 3 always the no.1 it's not even that scary


Dude perfect are perfect do the glow in the dark in different way .

Winnie Dario

Since Anna has Kristoff, I'm excited to see if Elsa will finally meet that guy

Kelsey Jamieson

In honour of 'The Old Guy' I think they should do Church-Goers stereotypes:

Gabrielle Wallace

I love going to the bathroom at school bc I can skip class😏😜😁😎😈💀

Seth Bryant

4:02 It's not the finale

Richardmac Garcia

I would of kept those toys

G Plazza



I ❤️ panda 🐼

prod. taha

Fortnite became corny af. sad to see.. i enjoyed season 3

먹방(Mukbang) is short for '먹'는 '방'송(Eating broadcast)

Alexandra Nava

Don’t tell me this was in your recommend videos I think we should remain friends

Czerno Alpha

Dammit. Now i have to deep fry some breakfast meat wrapped in crepes.

Mackenzie Kesterson

emo to the extremo

What are monsters afraid of?

Cutler M


Some miracle happened and my roomies found me and took me to the hospital on time. My parents were noticed, they traveled to see me. They were scare as hell.


Rise of the tomb raider

Aidan Liauw

Holy shit! The scary face in COD: BO2 scared the fuck out of me!


Faith World

Ur best guys

Memphis Trengrove

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Grims toys show.kidlockdmh

Part 2 please

Rico Walters

You will be rich and succesfull in life    

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