Spinners - One Of A Kind (Love Affair) Audio Redone By Dj Cole (1973)

Dj Cole's Disco Classics. Spinners - One Of A Kind (Love Affair).

Dana Mortimer

I love Hnck

Later-still him: "a couple weeks later"


The art and the message are so beautiful

Smitty Smith

I am Canadian, so most definitely cheering on the raptors ....but my heart goes out to Durant , his team and his fans and fans of the team to see him go off like that's hoping he isn't going to suffer worse.

ShiningStar Studios

This is to common where i live


Dr. Goodhead Lmao i am fucking done HAHAHAHAHA

Skys Darkest Craft

I have a the GAD disorder and I fucking hate it. I developed GAD after living with my abusive father.

Shining Star

Eww! I would’ve dumped you a long time ago for smoking those death sticks, you’re a lucky man to have a woman in your life who put up with that nonsense. People who smoke cigarettes don’t look cool to people with an ounce of common sense, they look retarded. Best of luck to you and congrats for successfully quitting.

Suleman Mansoor

U should wear ur shoes backwards



No Kingsman: The golden circle easter egg!

Carsyn Kettner

I have this exact condition.. it really does suck


I actually see that a dad took a kid from their mom and then got remarried . i don't think this is a feel good story. From a different perspective it looks like it could be something else all together. Too many holes in it

xSwaglord 》

I want a golden hamburger


On over time do like an America’s got talent but dp got talent

Mr.woofles Woofles

Who remembers Mr.beast vs 2 coke bottles

alejandro garcia

please can you tell me the name of the song?


You're still the best!

7Seven Days

1:48 they used photoshop

August Schou

0:03 massive orgasm

Jonatan DeParade

Make a ballon full of orbeez

Flutter Shy Gamer

0:01 uh yea fascinating um could you hold my over aggresive bitting machine black widow spider? Yea that would be nice see ya!


Sou o unico br??

Reuven Elmakies

I love your tricks shots they are awesome I hope I can meet you

Ray Chang

Forget popsicles. KITTIES!!!! God I love kitties! I have two kitties. My friend's sister's dog apparently scared away the mother and I adopted these kittens at around 20 days of age. Now, they're two years old and they are my family. Love your kitties, YSAC. Oh, yeah, and videos and stuff....

Kathryn Vittum

DUDE I love this song

Read more

Julius Cordova

Great video man!

My pc 🤔

Morgan Proops

ty wins all the time, it is annoying

I can’t believe!

emperor joseph

The title I'm getting deported against my will no shit you think people want to deported

I'm keeping this name until I die

So They Do Have Great Wi-Fi In Heaven

There’s perverts and creeps and crazy people...

Ricky Prvulj

If there’s someone in 2019 chuck a like

Bozzer 5000

No 2019

The Dolan Swagger


Englishman In England

This is fantastic & very funny. Lol41.5 million subscribers, I’m blown away guy’s that is an amazing achievement.

Na No

Does anyone think of Suga from BTS? He had appendicitis too but luckily everything went fine

Abhayraj Mishra

"y'all might see me there."

Rebecca Turner

3:20 that looks like 4113

Emmett Walker

i love DP but if u watch the skate ball it almost looks fake

Nolan Swagner

What'll be the next Easter Egg video on?    

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