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Asking the hard questions like: when will someone think of the gamers?Follow us on Twitter!Epic Games Store is making the industry better but “gamers don't see that” - Epic Games is launching its own store, and taking a smaller cut than Steam - Metro Exodus will only release on the Epic Store, but Steam preorders will be honored - Original X-COM creator faces backlash after signing Epic Games store exclusive deal for Phoenix Point - Epic Games Responds to Allegations of Tracking Steam Data With Epic Games Launcher - Epic Game Store, Spyware, Tracking, and You! - Epic Games Store line-up expands with Private Division, more Ubisoft titles and Quantic Dream exclusives - Epic locks down more store exclusives, including Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds, Remedy’s Control - Metro Exodus on Epic Store outsells its predecessor on Steam -- but what does that tell us? - Valve Plans Steam Facelift With Library Redesign, New Events Page - Valve now rewards successful games with a larger cut of Steam revenue - The Epic Store won't accept 'crappy games,' says Tim Sweeney - 40 percent of Epic Games Store users say they don't have Steam - Steam Is 10 Today. Remember When It Sucked? - Derek Smart -

ajeeth shiv narayan

Did anyone else notice Cory gave a pound it instead of a noggin

Nate Bergen


Su🅱️scri🅱️e For No 🅱️ucking reason

Am I the only one who thought that was Dusk of oolcalile I can’t spell her name. At 8:45

Crackers And Ham


_Jay Fresh Money_


Emory Daniel

Love you Ty, keep doing your thing! You’re so instrumental to DP!

mr. arjun15

so I'm watching a 8:18 add

Jayden Ta


Pack 772 Communications

it is the best


That's episode 6-10 of Season 1 in SpongeBob. Not Episode 1 Season 2. That would be Your Shoe's Untied.


you're videos always feels good

Allen h

No nod to stranger things season 2 with the pet Dart in Nazmir?.... 0/10



Aidan Huang

im not suprised when dp makes a trick shot but when i make a trick shot i lose my voice

Axelle Bédard-Gagné



YAS your name fellow weebs

Ethan Pinches

panda always take one for the team


Same shit over and over, always starts at Saiyain saga 🤦🏻‍♂️

krys 5

Panda is the best dancer.🐼

Nolan Sausage

You should do trick shot steryotypes


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