Anime News Network issues a very public dare to a smaller youtube channel to upload a video just so they can issue a false DMCA strike on it.#VideoGames#Anime

Yummy Yummy Christmas Tummy

i totally thought there would be a let them eat cake thing, for unity. which would be great, cause it would show how historically inaccurate the ac games are.

EnzLLucKy 21

I’m in 2019 bro

Elliott Davis

Ty is the best one there


7:38 Why is he being so reckless with his life? Again, I'm a young child, but I'm reckless with my life because it's fun, and it's the only way to dull my pain. Don't worry I don't drink.


Every body else: Riding on a JetskiPanda:Sitting on a small boat cruising around

Jennifer Semsey

Pittsburgh pirates

marina roufail

The Clinique black liquid liner it’s amazing!!


took a month to upload brooooooooooooooooooooooo

FYI I’m not lesbian


i got serious sam 3 bfe but searously wtf? is this?

Dwight Spradlin

(Cory Lands On Shave Your Eyebrows)

Salty Cashew



Awww thats hot



Add me on PS3 at dhltn88


ооооо даааа


I love how "from a pure processing perspective, this is 4X more powerful than the Xbox One X" got turned into "SCARLETT IS 4X MORE POWERFUL THAN THE XBOX ONE X". They mean the processor is 4x as powerful than the Jaguar CPU in the Xbox One X, which wasn't even powerful in 2013. That being said some of the shit seems impressive. 120fps sounds intriguing and Im sure the 8K resolution is for media, like how the Xbox One S can do 4K for media. Still gonna stick to my PC but I'll be interested to see how these consoles actually perform.

Elijah Foti

You should make shakshuka :)

Squidzly !!!!

There is a reference to Snapchat in the scene where it shows all the billboards in times square

Daniel Wilkerson

i think its time to retire da bomb so many people say it tastes nasty you want to blow people out of the water at least make it taste good.




This man got a netflix adaption...


Liz Coleman

I like you guys I want to see you my name is Tyson

David Martinez


Nerf Soldier video game guy

I like Dallas Cowboys

Obertina Johanis

Im confused

Dead 2017 Memes

so every black dragon is suddenly ender dragon?

Ruby Logan

and they all lived happily ever after

Daniel Belloni

i want to be a dude perfect member when i grow up


Ποιος Ελληνας τους βλεπει

Peyton Schneider

I love you coby 💋❤️💛💚💙💜🖤💘💝💗💓💕💞

Golden. Kiddos

Girl:he’s not gay

soccer is life

Can you do a soccer trick shots video with Alex Morgan or Christiano Ronaldo? Please

War- darkness

10:14 welcome to zombieland referance ?

Slime Time

0.44 Garrett's body is gone to 0.56

THATS MEH idk if filipina or no ang tawag nmin



Jeevesh L

its so boring when tyler wins

This is Minecraft.


Love u two dumbasses

Michelle Rodriguez

Girl: I don’t want to say he was a psychopath

Dak Rom


Also me : ... 0_o

Karan Khaira

So dark, you sure you're not from DC Universe.

jeroen payens

you forgot the try hard


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