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Andrew Jones




Andrew Medina

I think panda the best because pandas are my 2d favorite animal😑

Quantum Flames

“Created adidas”


Old lady need it most!

דניאל מיטלר

Bro your opinion is against other people's human rights, dare i say? Fuck your opinion?

Trey Poerschke

Hey Guys Im not aloud to have a twitter but i was wondering...How close are we!!!!

heena singh

I legit cannot find a comment from when this video was made


So we are back to PC as it should be..

yudhis man jansen

I don't see my dude axton


I feel like loosing weight although I’m skinny as a stick

Gabriel Galindo

Cowboys all day


Yeah it is.

Diamond gamer savage

That trick shot was amazing



pulpo detinte

oh god please dont be what i think it is

Berat Aydoğmuş

2:33 what

The Box Office

I am watching this video exactly 5 years later! That is cool!

Sampat Dangi


my best friend Richie Valens Donna

The old Smosh is better

Anti-Logan Paul

God doesn't agree with Gays, but he did say to respect peoples choices and opinions.

John Smith


Noah Fross

What about Charlie’s energy balls

Michael McMullan

They literally just destroyed food that people could’ve used and they wasted money by destroying their court.


r.i.p Cod iw

Sabrina Beaudoin

This movie was awesome and the Easter eggs, too! :D

Alessandro Carusone

What inspired you to do Montage Videos about Easter eggs?


Love the Tati!!!!

Christian Barrios


Daniel Spaghetti

Combat shotgun IRLsorry I’m a fortnite nerd 🤓

Naila Akhlaq



Kody Eagle Elk

Kappa Kappa

Father took her back to Mexico

Anna Awasis

I did this compationWith myfriends


If you could go in Paris in the tower u no what which tower it is!!!

Lightning J

Richard was about to be mad

Gabe Swarbrick

I ski. I am the speed demon, the chair heckler, the yard sale, and the park runner. Also, I'm a DP sub.

Funny Movies

Boy that is sick! You have to make more videos with bows.

Yaya-Hajj Awolowo

It takes two

Thanos is cooking in his hut near the beginning of the movie

Vanessa Lopez

Don't be friends with her ...SHE WILL USE YOU... I'VE BEEN THREE TIMES

Catherine Wood

Your so close to 10 million, Good luck! ❤️

NF's a legend

Bjarne Tv

my favorite shot was the awesome sling shot


at a gorl- gru

Anamarija Poje

1M 🔓

eynwesreem hurur

I like the arrow arrow is my favourite.

Dominic Johnson

Its hanna


Thanks for the sweet upload Guru!

XiroMassave Gaming

Science Rules!!

Vanguard 13

when he got almost struck picture he looks like goku

I wish I saw you there


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