Sylvester Stallone LifeStyle ★ 2019

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There's plenty of tickets left...they're just outrageously expensive.

Alexa Foster

How can I talk to my mom and dad I am scared that they won't believe me

ykamarm TV

всем привет го взаимную подписку !!

Drunken Muppet

This is the 3rd video, you have the Stanley Parable easter egg on


We see the candle behind it


Being kind and there for others is an asset for anybody

Andrea Velez

Damn she's terrible 😂

agustin Noriega

Aquí estoy esto es increíble aunque sean de estados unidos o Inglaterra

salty coffee

u are amazing

My hair looks like a pile of bendy twigs

angelina alejandre

My name is bella is this going to happen to me!!!!???!!!?!!!

XxMystic wølfxX

My mum want me to violin and only tell me the mistakes and not the good thing and I like drawing and doing YouTube videos but my mum says it not useful

Adam Boshcohc

Team Cory

Her job is pretending to love Jack. Isn't it obvious?


I’m pretty sure ever teen went through this same faze and done drugs to help the pain as in myself

jamie tan

I thought they have LIKE HAVE to save someone’s life then ONLY PAY BUT REALLY MONEY OVER ALIFE


that was a sick lookin curve ball from this view

TheGaming _Asian


Kieron Mccorquodale

Great video, spot on.

Andrey Sharpinskiy

4:24 Best easter egg ever

Russell Stone

Sounds like a suicide to me.

I didn't know what to write

Drew Glassman

Is there a rape shot?

Meja Pikturnaite

My life is over... the food is gone

The bigger problem that i don't know what i love Add in the theory that Humans in the Pokemon World are descendants of Pokemon, it would explain why this R exposed Ditto could transform into humans, albeit with flaws that it's Pokemon forms don't have.




Kevin is a 2x Finals MVP for a reason. He is in the Finals for a reason. It all starts with a win today, the best of the best always show up so no excuses even if he was injured. Durant is the Slim Reaper and today he will drop BUCKETS. I just don’t want the season to end today lol

Research all conspiracy theories.

Adrian Tolentino


fluffy grapes

I'm an introvert 0-0

Martin McMinds

Cant remember the last time I seen a golf ball roll out of the bottom of a sand trap.

Luka Zadražnik

What is the name of that song?

T’s Life

Should be powered by Losi



Anthonyispoor 42

If chandler ever wins a challenge I will go on a shopping spree that costs $400+ and use code chandler and I will buy multiple frosted shirts and a beast logo hoodie or three of them at most

Noe Hidalgo

Cody is funny


Still can't believe they didn't run it.

Hotel?, trivago


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