Terrible Products That LIED Straight To Our Faces

Lots of products and businesses lie all the time, but some are a lot worse than others. With that in mind, here are some terrible products that lied straight to our faces!Subscribe for more! ► ◄Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch:



bezalel avrhamy

Love from israel! Great video! As per usss

ruth bayhon

If i was Chloe i would beat and burn the P.E. teacher in HELL even though i am girl but try to defenss yourself and if the principal and the parents know and ask

Chad Babet

Lacrosse Stereotypes!

kk. kayla

Knees are weak, palms are sweaty, arms are heavy, moms spaghetti

Easton Jaeger

Adrian Beltre or Jose Altuve

kitten lover XD BG

So am i.... i feel so weird and i like my best friend idk if she likes me i think see use to

Asmyra Yusni

I have deepression with my parents. Help me ? :)

bora s

"Elsa your palm are sweaty"


"...But there's EVIL WITHIN, too."



I w a n t T o d i e


Tim Le scolan

Things to remember:

Missy's Barbie Town

I’ll vote for either Panda or Garret

Galazy Gamer

The original title was "My dad is a mess."


you should go to smoky mountians in tennessee

€ 199.95 <-- XBOX 360 - 250gb - slim

Alexandra Adams

har rah har

Mike Katy

It's 2018 now


This is why we have free healthcare in the UK.

Melissa MacLaren


Braxton Byrer

Your. So good

Cammm S

why does Ty always take the trick shots???

Jodi Masters


King Unreasonable

3:13 ohmori looks like he has a gun to his head

Ali Khattab


savage idk

poor panda. 🐼

pall man

Excellent game + excellent editor = incredible video

Addi McLeod


Max Glick


Jack Doe

What, no Leisure Suit Larry for episode 69?


You know that in some of the houses in the multiplayer maps there's secret messages in the chimney s


He's the uncle of the school

C Fender

Incomplete without any problems in this

Kailyr car chasse Z06

Nice y guys

SarLuMaz 2005

It made me cry 😭💜

Islam for kids

They're already at 41!


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