The Best Duel! (When Idiots Play Games #93)

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Derek Nicholson

garrett does not have any power

That one person with no subs

Please someone answer me but are all these stories true


Then young Tina will learn to hate men.

Damian Silvera


Name No

2:28 Gunna’s part 🔥🔥🔥🔥

fzcking snails

Dude Perfect I WOULD LOVE it if I could visit DP HQ

Goat Man

This is great

Vodka Brandon

Looks like more piss from the piss factory.

Calvin To




Hiratheia Mak


Foxy girl

you and your family are huge hero's, honest hardcore respect.

Rosa S

Thank goodness BTS is South Korean. Or not........

Mark de Vries

Do they have their own plane ?


Let's all clap for the man in the wheelchair

Yamie Boi

Squirtle evolves into Squirtle cat



Brandon Mendoza

Your bored aren't you guru

Riko Nightwalker

Hey dude, I just want to say your awesome and deserve more subscriber :) here you go +1 Subscriber And Dude THX for making my day AWESOME! and LIKED!

- 태

people ask me if i have ocd

Cindy Chen

I’m so fancy

Blessed Storm

Well aren't I lucky to have one introvert friend and two extroverted friends?


Being from Cleveland. I knew damn well she was gonna clean all them 👏👏.

Cj Sekavayma

Is that Nogla at 4:12

Sylt Beach

Saying you wanna help people but taking coffee from very poor people so gross🙄

Alijia Tousant

TMC Forever 💙💙💙💙💙💙 From Chicago To LA


People might shit on BF4 but goddamn those Easter Eggs were impressive.


Those are the sweetest catsicles i have seen


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