The Cuphead Journey: A Four-Year Knockout Indie Success Story - DICE 2018

Executive Producer and Artist Maja Moldenhauer and the Moldenhauer brothers started the Cuphead journey as the original members.None of them had any traditional game development experience - only a common dream goal to make a really challenging, retro game with a unique hand-drawn art style.Maja will share a behind the scenes in-depth look at StudioMDHR's creative process to build the magical Inkwell Isle, a culmination of all the creative influences from their childhood on. In addition, she will share stories of arduous indie development and how they chased a dream, how having a clear vision created unique processes and overcame development challenges, how bucking trends and having unwavering faith in a project can set a game apart, how art for art's sake can bring out the best in a team and why risking it all was worth it. Watch the full stream here:IGN for more!------------------------------­----YOUTUBE: OFFICIAL APP:



Melina Cardona

Poor car 🚗🔨⚒🛠⛏🗡

Brayden Dambach

Dude Travis Pastrana is my idol I would do anything it ride motocross with him for a day

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michael osakwe

i can even throw better spirals.

Umang Sharma





There's also a Wolfenstein 3D room in RAGE which is avaible during the 1st visit to the ghost clan's hideout. In there you can find a golden goblet which gives you points in the game. In RAGE you can sell it for $5000 dollars, I think.

Nicholas Heiser

Why do you not show pandas face

John Studios

Lol, I wasn't thinking that


"Have you ever wondered whats going on in a persons head..." -Inside out


LOL at the end girl burning..guards clap..seems legit


Vikk and Simran can maybe be together who knows???

Mr Qewpiedie


Jonathan Thomas

Great video as always, GuruKid! Small typo of 'Drawer' in Easter Egg No. 8, but great work! :)

Thomas Turner

Im a huge fan of scott pilgrim and there are a couple more references to LoZ throughout the film, most noticbly is when young neil is playing his DS in the background and you can hear some legend of zelda sound effects / theme tune. I can't really remember off the top of my head what it is, i'm fairly certain theres atleast another 2 references or so throughout the film, but i'd have to watch them again to remember ;)    

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