The Decline of GameStop...What Happened?

Everyone's favorite video game retailer has been on the decline. They're likely to continue falling at an accelerated rate and have no real plan in place on how to fight it. This video talks about how GameStop got to this point. To submit ideas and vote on future topics: Video: Sears: Westacott, Benjamin Thomas, Brian McClimans, Chris Lion-Transler, Cody Davis, Corey James Dzielinski, Cristian Smith, Devin Rosenthal, Dustin Van Horn, Emily Findley, Garrick Kwan, Geoffrey Riccio, Gregory Estep, Jacob, Jimmy1985, SuperWings AeroGlittetGel, Jsmooth, Marshall Kurtz, Matt Kovach, Matthew Menashe, Meow Wolf, Mike Weaver, MyNameIsKir, Peter Wesselius, Robert Hamilton, Ryan Kelley, Ryan M Bagby, Sam Bennett, Sirpoptart, Sondre Grimsmo Sinnes, Specter Koen, Stewart Tritapoe, Super Duper Paratrooper, Taylor LaBrier, Thomas McGill, Tristan Williams, Victor Anne, Vincent Frame, Zackary E. Jenkins.Company Declines: Kmart: Cups: "R" Us: Am: Electric: Made By -

Natalia MD

2017 anyone??

Aaliyah Mcbride

You are beautiful how you are :D


If you customize the Penetrator to the blue color its a reference to Dr Manhattan from Watchmen, I wonder why lol

علي محمد

But Can It Run Crysis!?


That thumbnail looks like a big dick

Yahir torres

Only one hater


has anyone seen that kid guru is hiding small dj khaled pics in his videos? just look at the dude with a mustache on 05:20

I feel very dumb

I`m planing to do it on a resturant-date.

《MarvelSpider 65》

Superhero leader: Ok So what is your special power/ Ability? Rick: umm cards?

Ahmed Sayed

يا كداب حيوان

lol xd

This video needs to go viral. This just makes u quiet for a moment.

Pomo Plays

the ending😂😂😂

Fedora The Explorar

That thumbnail caught me off guard and the video did not dissapoint

Stephen Hill


Tanner Gillam

It would hit terminal velocity before it hit the ground.

Batyr Sultanov

Классно. Лайк


Guru, in the car easter egg, you said wrong, eu said that it is gotta enjoy living things, but it is gotta enjoy little things,

Amanda Gorgueiro

If you said heck or heaven like you had to pick than how are you STILL ALIVE

Car Guy

It was the same story in bright side! :o

Matt Marino


Bryan Black

love the intro. you are the best. i feel soooooooooo bad for coby. the snake poo.

Khalil and Dana Random videos!

Who else notices that every single cool trick they do in their videos is perfectly timed with the chorus of the song they play

na436 0865

What is wrong with you incredibly retarded ass fans booing? The fuck? Both these men gave it their all. Yes it's a shame Tony won that way but he was dominating the fight either way & just in case some retard says the fight was given to tony, well like I said he was dominating cerrone with or without the stoppage. Hats off to Ferguson, cerrone put up a fight as well.

Robert Tassi

And pray they removed the "draw" system.


Man. I thought there was gonna be a Dark Souls Easter egg lol

Patrick Sullivan

Did he say "yo dogs" 😂

Josethabest 11

I love all your videos keep up the good work

My ROBLOX Username

I thought this was about the rest of the family eating junk food

Shanice Stoppel



I'm sure the pictures are a riddle.

Lego Brick Planet Animations



30 hours..... thank you guru


Everybody learned.. panda's secret... why panda why bruh... I thought you were a real 🐼... JK

Amanda Owen


nom does random stuff

Making ur youtube channel worst

Asita Batoe

Mist means in German something like shit😅😅😂

Erica C.

Am I the only one thinks that the humming from 3:47 sounds like Jimin..? 🤨


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