The Decline of Gibson...What Happened?

One of the most successful guitar companies of all time may be filing for bankruptcy. This theorizes where they went wrong and why they find themselves in this position. Twitter: Company Declines: Kmart: Cups: "R" Us: Am: Than You Know Series:Mars Inc.: Made By -


oh what a coincidence, I had two today :D

Tux47 !

Me: Dad I don’t want to go to school today

TM Videography

Jimmy pls tell us where and how did you find Guillermo generaly? :) <3

kay doyle

Joe 'Tony Ferguson vs Donald ''Cowboy'' Cerrone'' Rogan

{cookiemonster} Stu:Dio

She vomits on how clothes

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Stick man tricks


do some thing with Jack Wilshere he da man

Some Dude


Alex Garcia

Literally all the guys in dude perfect have no real skill stop calling them athletes and disgracing the real athletes out here, shit gamers are more athletes than them

gergő lukacsi

Pour liquid magnesium into water.


Her husband beat her to a limit that nearly took her life...its very difficult in this have those who'll miss you if you die...but sometimes people want to let go of the pain and be "free"...but it happens to hundreds, thousands, and possibly over a million people and can be thrown into this very feels scary and its very traumatic and scars the life of a human being..Divorce is an option but one must face the memory of it all till the day they die....This woman wants free herself from her pain...but her death will have a major impact on her kid's lives, and they have a possibility of recieving the abuse from her husband as one deserves the pain and stress this strong woman had to go through...Thats why its best to stand up to the problem than letting it continue to happen....God Bless you all and Have a Great Day

Literally nobody:

pastel alpaca

I don't get cramps !!! Anyone else ???

dji kun

Sooo Hype

The Rad Dad

He also forgot that the books on the tables in bunker 6 is called "Dead Island- The true story of an outbreak"

Ariel Nagaytsev

I'm christian

Infinite Awesomeness

A better question is (who hasn’t said you’ll shoot your eye out)

Jhon Jacob fingle hymer scymit That’s my name

Danm I feel for you man because I feel the same way, you need a brake.

Lucas Lessmeister

Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild Minnesota

Sneha Thapa

I'm exintrovert 😂lol

Bill McElgunn

Right yes I have a psychopath in my family seriously I'm not kidding

Ahmed Al Ameri

Poor coby.


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