The Enron Scandal - A Simple Overview

We've all heard about the Enron scandal, but what exactly happened? This video gives a quick, simplified overview of it.Twitter: Declines: Kmart: YouTube Channels: Basketball's Best - Man - Thoughts - Made By - May Also Like: MTV: Inc.: Hortons: Spinners:


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You stick with your partner through Hell and back. You DONT leave them for shit!!! Your a weak man. You gave in. You are a monster!! She shouldn't have taken you back.

Vasilache Rares

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Crystal Van Dorp

Good bless thoes children pleaseand help them

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Girts Fridbergs

Anyone watching this in December 2056?


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Ava Alvarez


Matt Lawrence

Yo who watching in 2018

Still gonna wait for PS5 though

Josh Gomez

Real life Meet the Robinson's

Faris Mahmood

Seguins face at 4:39😂😂😂


Mama Hes A Real Panda :D

Joemar Banaynal

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ClassicAnime Music

Great Game, Great Video, liked and subbed.

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Nathan Jendrysik

Song at 9:27

Boss Gaming

Nice vid

Nihal Bhuiyan

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Ben Sharpiro

Do y'all idiots realise that when writing a fake story you should probably checked if Mexicans actually fought in Vietnam?

Caleb Berumen

Favorite part: you don't have to do the water part ( pop ) shi...........

what will i experience when in dead? when im underground what will i see?

Mark Corrigan

The sheriff looks a lot like Jack Nicholson to me...reminded me of The Shining for whatever reason.

tan cherry

How to get your parent to watch this ??

Arav Kanani

He will win

German Idiot

Its like that Uncharteds Map Is the Last of US map That is so awesome!!!

Jamie Farrell

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Thatkid Mo

So this is the new Assassins creed game

Government: Ima bout to end this mans whole career

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Dan Witzke

I wonder how many takes they have to shoot to get a chainsaw to crank on the first try

NintendoNerd - Toby

The Silent Hill one predicted the meme Shibe Doge a bit.

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Sami Shubaibi


MJ Lee

Purple was the coolest one!

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GO Panda

Neelam Choudhary

Was i the only one who was kinda annoyed that they got the colour of the gryffindor scarf wrong and made it into hufflepuff insteaf

Krisjen Vibe

I heard that who ever has a cone on their heat is handicap

The Box

whats ur name on there

Ghost sKiEs

Wait wait shes 17 when she got her first phone.... wow

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Cereal Killer

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Blind Eye Documentary's Tyler and Ryan

Hey guys!Ryan here.My favorite shot was the Cup Crasher.That looked so cool coming down in slow motion!

xXJohnnyBlastXx Gamer

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chanz miranda

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Dragon of Thane


Justins World

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