The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

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Casey Hansen

I heard the part about how she thought it was her fault because of not following the dress code and I can’t even begin to explain how angry and beyond pissed off I got

Haris Laghari

if u r going through family hardship lift ur self together earn ur living and get the hell out don't drink booze or any kind of drug keep ur self healthy and try to survive with ur best efforts remember God helps those who help themselves

Heather Vass FFV

Worlds longest alley hoop and signature dunk

Matthew Krause

You guys should do Easter egg hunt Stereotypes and air plane stereotypes.

Juliana Perez

Ashannie 🤧💖

Quick_Dubs 69

don't shoot panda shoot Cory

Peter Sundt

And just for the record, it was only you

Rishiraj Deori




spice !

Me:weeb noices rises*

Lola Capozzi

I have that toaster🤣


I was diagnosed with BPD today...and one of my friends said that they ‘always diagnose people with that’ now idk if I ‘really’ have it...or if it is something I should say I have...or just ignore the diagnosis since maybe they just said I have it...idk

Jamila Hashi

game 5 wil be a lit i swear is KD PLYING game 5 ?

Aurobindo Ghosh

you never took her to the world of sex and you call her your friend?


I was so confused on what you meant by "unused easter eggs" I thought you accessed some secret files that had easter eggs in them or something.. 

Deep Chakraborty

... I've subscribed and notificated and shared the video.

Roleplay Host

lol my dad's behavior was irregular and abusive so i'm mainly the anxious type hahahahah

Fatima R

Zara Dearborn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Camden Dato

congrats on 39 million!

Turkish Army's 💜💜💜💜💜

Keller Elison

he was a high school QB


i would not want to oppose them in dodgeball O.o


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