The Game Kobe, SHAQ & The Lakers ERASED a 30 Pts Deficit vs Mavs, 27 in 4th! | FreeDawkins

December 6, 2002 - "After being booed off their own floor at halftime and trailing by 27 points to start the fourth quarter, the Los Angeles Lakers looked finished. Sure didn't turn out that way in the end. Instead, the Lakers pulled off the second-biggest fourth-quarter comeback in NBA history to stun the Dallas Mavericks 105-103 Friday night. | The Game The Kobe, SHAQ & The Lakers ERASED a 30 Pts Deficit vs Mavs, 27 in 4th! Kobe With 21 in 4th Quarter! | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'--Like And Subscribe For More!Follow me on Twitter - - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube.____

Unicorn Claire

Who watch this video after 11th April???

Raedeen Mitchell

I love it Ricky

You are crazy


I cried watching this. Idc how many people hate it, it will always be my favorite game.


Im so happy for you. From woman to woman that really wanted this i feel how happy you are. Wait till your baby moves and kicks you. Best feeling in the world. Every one still thinks theres two in my belly im so big in the belly and im only 28 weeks. Almost there. Congrats to you both. God bless you


type find chuck norris


Always the best for the end , heheh.

Satya Raditya

If i had a mom like that,i really want to punish her with my own way,and the way is VIOLENCE and DEATH!

Azura Kliegl

To bad, I love Freddie Mercury


Why? Purnas a awesome character. :[

Real_ Lokz


dakota ernst

that boat one was so fake but so funny :)


tHis is so sad

Val Forsdyke

1:19 please skipEdit: I think I might have gone deaf

ViS3 DopeShadow03


Tuck Lax

You should have called the second to last one the " swish with fish"

Me now: how did I not notice that?!

T.J.EDITS of Balamurugan.

super bro

Cooper Somora

Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s half trying the whole time 😂😂

Ruqi Bibi

Ahhh i guy's are so cute i cant belive catherine cried


CB rocked this shit...VA stand the fuck up...we got the King! Yeaaahhhh!! 💪

Tristen Borjon


Tomer Dicturel

Go go panda

Tsenguun Skandirbek

In the real Barney films was he cute, but this video is so scary. A question is Barney in this movie a monster

Ricey Eyes

They could easily place their head further to the end.

Taran Alvi


1. You are reading this fact now

The Last Alexander

.....wadda bout VR tho?

Enzo Clemente



for the 1st one: GTA5, it's a rememberence of silent hil 1 the first one where the ufo also appear at different places and take you out if you manage to call them well!

Roby De Marzi

2:31!  wowww!

Phoenix Brock

You watch how to get six pack videos? How lame.


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