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Jonathan Moor

Look, dub is Just not as good. It's not personal. I don't hate you or anyone watching dub but It's just not as good because of the script changed as well.

Anita Haenel

I think its fake because lightning is some were around 1 000 000 000 000 volts than he wuld be YA know dead


Awesome that was PERFECT




Love The Score music

You be stayin' low but you know what the vibes is

Newton Rinaldi

Look the minute 2:38. Is a Symbol of Abstergo at the foot of John Marston ???? (if my english is bad, sorry because I do not speak perfectly)

um.. sexist much??


also olivier garneau is one of the developer


I used to self harm

Moonlightbutera Ariana grande fan

😭 this is so relatable man . It hits so close to home

Victor Dali

It is stupid to put blame on an overworking player. Stop putting all these pressure on one man. Basketball is a TEAM sport.

Star shadow Fox


Y'all know that sound, better raise your fist

Truman Lorenz

Like the video if you feel bad for the kids. I did


Call of duty doesn't have dinosaurs?! There goes my purchase.


Luke and Cody's team name should be Coke 'cause their colour is red

Nhat-Ha Nguyen Animates

I have finished my vid...but I'm saying what I should've said before the vid even started...


Split is my favorite lol

She doesn't go out and decorate herself in rainbow flags for the month of June, make lengthy posts about LGBT representation in the media and take part in Pride Parades etc. because that's perfectly reasonable. Even I don't do that and I'm LGBT myself. Comment:Lil Gnar (old)

Pepper Swan

In all the time that I've spent watching your show I have never laughed as much as just when you said "Enhance image"

Socks Sucks

10 000 dollars


I think black ops zombies tried to be very serious and zombies but they wanted the people to have bouncy personalities just like in left 4 dead but they put magic and stuff and that just made everything to vomit.

Marigold Reese


14 ZZ

Stupid and racist people,cowards.

Celerino Gonzalez

You guys are gonna be on truTV.

Guto Muniz

Isso e fácil 😎😅


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