The REAL Reason Why Kawhi Leonard Is SO Good in the NBA Playoffs (Ft. Raptors, Jordan, NBA Finals)

Kawhi Leonard got the Raptors to the NBA Finals against the Warriors, but why has Kawhi been so good in the playoffs? Can the Raptors beat the Warriors? #Kawhi #NBAFinals #NBASecond Channel- @MJ2K_ALLDAYTwitter- @mj2kalldayEverything that Kawhi has done in these playoffs can be summed by this. Kawhi’s run has been amazing and now he’s led the Raptors to the NBA Finals. I expected Kawhi to lead the Raptors on this type of run, but still witnessing this and how he has single handedly carried the Raptors, he’s incredible. It seems like it’s a rinse and repeat every play with an iso, but there’s so much more going on and also so many specific things that only Kawhi can do so let’s talk about what makes Kawhi Leonard so good. Forget the regular season. This is playoffs Kawhi, and I just felt like I’ve seen a lot of the similarities before in another GOAT, Michael Jordan, but before we even get to that, let’s talk about what Kawhi is doing offensively and how that could possibly close to Jordan. The Raptors are constantly running an iso for Kawhi and the reason it’s so effective is because Kawhi is an effective iso scorer. He runs a limited move set, mostly hesitations and in between the legs, similar to a 3 dribble drill where you only get 3 dribbles to score. He doesn’t waste dribbles or have fancy handles, but each dribble works because Kawhi is great at reading defender’s feet. He is looking for the defender to be hopping instead of staying low and shuffling. That where his hesitation dribble can easily transfer into a jumpshot, at the exact moment a defender crosses over his feet or hops. He has a smooth transfer from waist high to the apex of his shot while using the momentum of the hesitation. His release point is so high with his 7 foot 3 wingspan makes it even more lethal. On top of that, he looks to open the defender’s front foot and blow by. The Bucks were guarding his right hand, and his series of jabs and handles was all to open up that front foot and drop it back. Once he could do that, he could do his patented stepback. Now Kawhi creates space for his midrange with raw leg strength. All of what I mentioned takes years of practice and hardwork and Kobe said that Kawhi came into the league with no jumpshot and would always be in the gym early shooting whenever Kobe played the Spurs. What I’m about to talk now is something that Kawhi has that takes his game to the next level and that is his huge hands. These hands were previously looked at as a defensive weapon that allows him to just grab the ball from the defender. For context, Kawhi Leonard’s hands are the 9th biggest hands in NBA history at 9.75 inches length and 11.25 inches width. The reason why he has been able to time those jumpers so well is because he can palm the ball straight from the hesitation into the jumpshot. If the defender doesn’t make a mistake, then Kawhi doesn’t have to take a jumpshot and let the ball fall to continue the dribble. Another big thing that Kawhi has shown in just these playoffs is his passing with multiple defenders on him, but more importantly, it’s not predetermined and it’s his hands that’s allowing him to do that. So after illustrating all this, I need to make the comparison between Kawhi and Jordan. No they are not the same player, but they have similarities. For instance, remember when I said Kawhi has the 9th biggest hands of all time, well Jordan has the 8th biggest hands of all time at 9.75 inches length and 11.375 inches span meaning the same length and 0.175 inches more span than Kawhi. Michael Jordan and Kawhi have the same type of gravity on the floor. It was honestly crazy to see in this Bucks series and the 76ers series, but Kawhi drew the attention of 5 players once he was inside the 3 point line, similar to MJ. If you want a defensive breakdown on why Kawhi is so good, that’s much easier because Kawhi’s greatest strength is on-ball defense. I could go into more detail, but I think that Kawhi can defend anyone because he can take the ball away from anyone. One thing I will say is that Kawhi is an excellent baiter. He lets the offensive player think they have a spot to go to and takes the ball away from them at their attacking position. It’s definitely something that high IQ and timing. I’m excited to see these finals. I have loved seeing Kawhi just show how good he has become and I wanted to make sure that this video showed all the hard work Kawhi has put along with his natural gifts. But what do you think? Who’s winning the finals? What is Kawhi averaging?

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