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What's the deal with reuploads.pls.We've all seen the ads. But few have dared to click them.Today we seek to find out whether there is any truth to the claim, and in the process, hopefully find Xerstorian a date.---------Patreon: media, images and music respective to owner(s).

Drew J

Whats up with the logo color

Akjot Singh

it fake

Neo Tea

Bee would’ve already been punched in the face at the start

Sohan Mukku

where are coby and cory

iiOmq_ItzCorgiz YT

Her: misbehaves


I am mario

Maximilian P009

2019 aneyone

Gabriel Tejada

Watching Bro Mo is so satisfiying.

Miles Prower

What if Doge appeared from the easter egg at number 1 ?

Eric Nguyen

Hey walker

The Bargain Boss

What a beautiful tribute to Nipsey, J Stone! And your flow is perfect! # RIPNIP #TMC

Arhley Perez


Ichu ONE

justin bieber as drake? lol

Fade clan clips

If that the teacher had said that to me I would clap her ass.

Me: Which car Should I take? Ohhh I have no car. 😩

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]

Tarantula T

3:14 cringe

Farhaanah Varachhia Shawn Mendes Lover

"We all graduated dont worry" loool Ethan and Grayson and Emma are so cute together they should make a group YouTube Channel.


Madison Pigeon


big badbarry

Happy birthday Cody and Cory!!!!!!!!


Who else is excited for Red Dead 2!?

Katie Falls wallace

I think this boy is Beautiful in my eyes I hope he is happy now

Jaemin my star

Why was the word “bullying” cut out?

TheLandex ZAM

Idk why but I feel like you would die if that happened


I think the title of the Cohen film is translated as "they watch and are watched" or "they look and are watched"

Enrike Laranjeira

YOU Are not dude perfect bicouse YOU not the dou back flip

Maxim Heilbron

The funny thing here in the Netherlands everyone is probably 3 inches shorter

Vïøłêt Płåÿß

She is going to be so embarrassed -.-



Steph: 😒...🍆=🤰🏾

Whatifmario's not really impossible if you can do it.

Craft122 Boi

Anyone in 2019

dom and mega roblox-& more

0:23 kicks soccer ball I also have a story with bullying that I just hope it stays in the past annnd I also mutilated myself several times (some of them weren't because of bullying - but that doesn't matter for this story).

- PG427 -

I live in WV, where's the summit? Like I know it's probably in the east, that's where all the big mountains are, but where exactly?

Cat Saito

about ufos... UFOs are unidentified flying objects.. we pretty much can identify them pretty well XD ( alien, yes, ufo, nope )

Stupid Brain

“Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die”


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