The Selfish Crocodile By Faustin Charles Illustrated By Michael Terry

Every morning a very large and very snappy crocodile shouts this selfish message: ‘Stay away from my river! It’s MY river! If you come in my river, I’ll eat you all!’The animals in the forest don’t know what to do. They are too afraid. Until one day… Listen on and discover how the animals find a way to solve this snappy dilemma!

They say "Beauty makes boys happy"

Alice Bayless

i new it was cheackers

Evolve Chris

I like Santa claus Easter egg

Kody Vasquez

You should do a rubik's cube video!!!

c.vanmalsawma sawmtea

i love the style of your videos

Strawberry Milk

Am I the only one who only cared about the dogs?

Paul Ortiz

He left him hanging lol 0:50

Ricky Ray

The Shadow Warrior easter egg can also be found in a third area, i found it.

Melanie Irani

Ty's signature dunk

mason welch

press 4 for ass


This scene was better than Homecoming

Mayra Perez

Nintendo can you please bring it on Wii U because my mom would not buy me a Nintendo switch and I’m a huge Zelda fan

Sebastian Ong

Would hate life without you and your content, but will keep on supporting no matter what guru

Ava Breen

* dad has belt *

Abby pentagon

Dwight Shrute, Assistant to the regional manager, owner of Schrute Farms, professional asmartist



Daming Knows


feretymetal 19

how did he het the golden bat in dying light?

Lindsey Darian

9:47 Cody laugh😂

Danny Qin

Me: watches video to relax My idea was


Coby’s real first Battle Win😂

Jacob Jensen

In the first Viking mission, the 3 axes the Berserkr throws into the door before the boss fight are iron axe models from Skyrim.


Jeff is such dad material my heart ❤️

Mary Zamora

panda is the best dancing

Shaheer Maqbool

Anyone else think that when Lele isn’t talking, her sketches aren’t half bad? Maybe it was just Jeff being in the video maybe it wasn’t

Me: * fails almost every test *

Inshaal Sheikh

shes abt 10 weeks for sure

Don’t do drugs unless your soctor gives them to you even then follow what the doctors say about how many per day and when to take them or let’s just say it won’t be a happy sight....hope u all the best <3 (not in a pedo way -.-)


ive been here since 17k subs

Salma Sultan

The title got changed 3 times

Taut vydas


Team Cory

Lukáš Hanousek


Bubbles the sheep. School

Sikander saifi

Once time more dudes amazing video


The official song of wack a mole.

She put her parents through more pain than what she was in 😧😠😩😵

John Stauffer

beating the fuck out of that panda

S •

mindblown 🤯


Uhm... 11/11/11?

corey jessup

2:39 wrong. the teleport plasmid got taken out not because it didn't work the plasmid was fine it got taken out cause it would ruin scripted events in bioshock

Vassiliki Petrou

Pizza boxes are square, pizzas are circles and the slices are triangles

al bedard

u ne3d a movie theat3r

Ok what

"stop threatening!"

ThePolishMeGusta PL

you don't say


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