THE SUN'S EXPLODING | Outer Wilds #3

Wait.... now the sun's exploding in Outer Wilds!?Help The Channel : ► : Link ► by Pixlpit: animation created by Pixlpit:Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

Me- “wait hold on. Aren’t the ppl that are part of the lgbtq+ community the ones who are sinning like just saying.”

Kaitou Robin

I say one thing My Mom said. This came out too late. All the little girls who like frozenlike my sisters are now in middle school and are too cool to care for the movie. According to my sister noone at her school cares and This trailer isn't changing their minds.

Branton McMahan

Why do I get the feeling that ty used to edit most of the dude perfect videos originally before they hired editors? It's because he's the one making most of the shots!

Patricia Alcivar

He is wearing gloves that is why he caught them

iiIconic :3

Uhh he was born in the early 1900s? (edit: thank u everyone for the support, u have no idea how much u guys made my day. plus, sorry to hear ur sad stories and sorry i cant reply to everyone but i'll try 🥰)

denello angelo

Thank god I'm born In the philippines


Congratulations on the 255, 000 Subscribers! Your videos are amazing and keep up the good work! (P.S. You deserve more subs and views :D)


To make you feel better I like girls thicc

Do going to Europe stereotypes please…again .

Ri Mahi

Beetique by Dagi Bee from Germany

LouieThe Nerd

2019 still not in the olympics

Rina Alvarez

I have got stuck in a rat trap before

Miss Kai

He is an adult now, officially: priorities change.




Now this is what I needed Storm flip is so op🤔

plz like. i’m bored and eating cereal

Jacob Jurgens

Editor addition better addition

Pavel Bezrukov




Brayan mor1920

Wirodo detected


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