The Tremeloes - Silence is golden (retro video & audio edited) HQ

*RETRORETROCHANNEL ANGLO* Video canal especializado en la edición tanto de sonido como de imagen de algunos videos musicales de los años 60's, 70's y 80's (Barquisimeto - Venezuela - South America).Te agradecería dejar comentario u opinión (Please post your comments)

Andrea Broome

Well I think she’s pretty

Anna W


Md Hadi

When june update coc😭

BEBS TrickShots

i'm a huge fan of dude perfect, and i know that there will only be a few people who will read this comment and care, but i have made some trickshots on my channel. i would truly appreciate it if anyone could stop by my channel and check them out, maybe like or leave a comment too :) Thanks for any and all support!!!

omar 11

the last on hhhhhhh

Jaspher Baja

I think you must join an NBA




wow i got a Ac3 ad in the side of the video

Rocio Mendez

I love the cowboys they will play again in 2020

Gracie Rae

I,m on the tyler train he rules!!!!!!!!!!

Hockey Saucey17

Subscribe to me at Hockey Saucey17

yarharth sharmaz

Flip to garret

Jade Turner

If y'all think that Leonard can shut down KD your delusional

ROY XD 8bp

Take 6624

Salty Kora

Stoners are hot

Jonas Thomsen

What a legend

Death The Kid

It went from legendary call of duty gameplay to this sh*t


This was so long ago Tyson chandler was still an all-star

King Tiger Tank

DO Assassins Creed 4 easter egg Thumbs so he can see

Rifat Bashirah

do it in the air

pink day

I through I was a only one

Pandya Evan Abyakto

Meninggalkan jejak sebelum trending Selasa 11 Mei 19.49


What if J.Marston is Jack, and that he wrote the book after the game ends?

100 subscribers with no videos challenge

Who remembers Halo 3?

Golden Ninja


Just Me Trying To Get 10,000 Subs With No Videos


LpsCupcake Sprinkles

Make the worst pies in London from Sweeney Todd! Or make the human pies from a little priest from the movie!

big mac boiii

is it just or the dude perfect simble looks like j and a r


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