The Worst Punishment! (When Idiots Play Games #112)

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Baldomero Salas Alvarez

A mi antes me encantaban tus canciones pero desde q se q tienes autotune no me gusta ,pero bueno 😢


Favorite DP video ever! - "Release the doves!" hahaha


Uhh..there medication to stop gaming? Geez Sign me up.😂

Kane Jones

When me and my little brother first played contracts we didn't expect the ghost thing it took a week for him to pick the controller back up

jude antazo

Im an introvert, just like sophia. I hate my sisters for being loud, i love books, im quiet, i hate parties.

NorAisah Abdul Samad

Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales [Tokyo Mater (2003) Universal Pictures]

Echo Indigo

Lucky....I wish I could fall in love for real.

WhatTheHecc Worthy

Open marriages

Kurt Cooper

U guys r a waste of air time. Lost all respect! Ur speaking out your bottom. Kwahi vs k.d........are u kidding me. He is still injured & out of shape. U can't make comparisons between the two. With that said kwahi is not in the same league. Period.

S u g a r

I watched charlotte! It was amazing


I question the Halo/Destiny ref but you're the expert.

Rey Su




XLR 15

Hmmm something tells me this bitch gon turn evil or sumthin

Why is he being so reckless with his life? Again, I'm a young child, but I'm reckless with my life because it's fun, and it's the only way to dull my pain. Don't worry I don't drink.

Santiago reactions and games

Mr. Beast you better sue morgz for stealing your content

michael wharry

0:42 OMG LOL

Walter K

Stormtroopers are so clumsy

Matthew Plotnick

Go Canada go Canada all the way

Shawn Rocha

This is a very special moment for us... hey lets videotape it and post it on youtube for money.. fuckin mediawhores

The killer Cobra

I want that


They should add a bumper sticker for every movie. That would be really cool.

Lamb_FlameMan K

Why is the water green in the beginning

turtle forever

I love y'all!!!!

Mariel Calderon


Marie Burns

Let It Go Frozen 1I’ve Finally Let It Go Frozen 2

Clean Blue

#31 trending (UK) I am soooo happy 😁

Robyn Arendse

This is the best day ever 😩

Funny Kids News!!!!

- promises not to tell anyone -


dankest easter egg hunter ever

miss blabla

Damn, Ann is a BITCHHHH

clarks hat

0:18-0:32 look at this Frozone clone.


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