ThinkGeek Modern Icons T-51 Power Armor Unboxing

Gage takes a look at the T-51 Power Armor set available exclusively through ThinkGeek's Modern Icons range!A huge thank you to ThinkGeek for supplying the item for this video. You can find the item for yourself here: us online:Check the latest gaming and nerd culture news, reviews, previews, and more: - - - -

Jono Low

Best youtuber confirmed #1million

Friends Friends


She really has it in her bones.. Lifting people & products to their best. 👍

toasted cheese


I'm scared of people dying because of me.

Fazri Abi Prakasa

Try hard to read the last message

other than that, nice vid as usual!

Salad Bar

I’m watching in 2019 Garett looks like Willie Nelson

Deplorable Citizen

Learn to swim... Learn to swim.

I seen how you did homeboy, so please take it easy (No, yeah)

John Bungay

So lazar beam has a new video idea

Geek but still chic!

I have autism and so do most of my friends. I love that we finally get to hear a story about the less extreme versions of autism. So many people with autism do manage to life pretty normal lifes eventually. You could pretty well know someone with autism without even knowing.

Kross Daoang

Make a bowling stereotypes with the GOAT Jason Belmonte

Tom Carolan

Throwback to when garret had hair lol


Tony Hawks underground, in the Hawaii level there's a tiki mask thing on the street somewhere do an oldie into its mouth and you'll teleport inside this weird cultist place when you follow it down you'll fall into lava

Mj Royster

Sliver bullet 8s better and the purple one! :)


R.I.P Eggie...

Public Guy

Jon Bernthal, the only cool thing about this, lol.


The more you listen it gets better


in the Secret Armory Of General Knoxx DLC

Nisha Ipe

1like = 1 kick for the doctor



Self Ruling Tactics

The fact that Tony was obviously not happy with the win should say a lot about his character. Tony deserves a lot more respect as he is a pretty awesome guy. I look forward for the rematch 👊🏻


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