TNC vs RNG | Game 1 Bo 3 Upper Bracket R1 | EPICENTER Major

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Rocket Raccoon07

this shouldn’t be a Disney movie, this is too darkit must be a DC movie




Wow this reminds me so much of black mirror

Gabriel Burkhart


Waaaaat? Did i hear it wrong?

Buddha G

you should do marcus mariota or big ben roethlesburger

Ryan S

“We don’t need a wall”

Gimeing Knd 45

GO DALLAS,They should team up with Detroit Lions

LSU Tigers24

Duke loses to MSU😂

Jack Aldridge

Sorry for your loss... 🧡 You shouldn’t worry about us, take care of yourself. I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now 😞


The Pickaxe is because , Notch wanted to make a new Game called Scrolls and Bethesda said it is fobidden cause the name The Elder Scrolls is a Trademark.

Pixel Tea

I've told my mum before and she says that i probably got it from her, but i don't think she realises just how bad mine is.

Jake Boss

Your in co springs, co

Chaelle Lemati

What about false gold it pretend to be gold

Andrew Elder

What a bad ass.

Pea Games

My mom and I don't smoke. i once smoked when I was a teen, but I figured that it tastes awful. Didn't even consider it again. Others in my family smoke, but thanks to that, they don't smoke inside and I can live on my own without smokers in my home. It's refreshing, and I can enjoy life more!

Anime Yedi

Thank you!!!!!!!! Soooooooo much cause of u I love coffee

Monique Rocha

pq todo mundo pede salada pra almoçar????

مدحبش مدغبش

ويحك يواد ٤٠ مليون يهب

Rushikesh Vamangari


Vinod Sangwan

DP will never fail tyler   

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