Top 10 Angry & Awkward Celebrity Moments

From Will Smith, to Kanye West, today we're counting down the top ten most awkward live celebrity moments! Make sure to like & subscribe for brand new Top 10 Videos every day!Top 10 Extreme Sports Moments of All Time ► ►

Cake Pop Frosting

Her not being able to go to get a good education makes me grateful for having the good education and things that I have. Even though I may NOT LIKE SCHOOL

Rose Draws

Pollen, and sometimes I will have an allergy and I will break out in hives. And then a year later, my allergy that made me break out will beee gone.

GD illusion

Still hate death


i think that whas ghost on origins

Sooo... How did she teach him the lesson?

Lil Swiss

I only fear my mother


Gaddamn this editing was beast

how's the weather outside? it's sunnnyyy!!

Damares left the chat

The Game Addict

Everyone: satisfied with frozenFrozen II: YES

Birdy the Mighty

More Brainwashing Disorders. Everyone has all this in them. It just what we go through in life that causes it to come out and act like that. Its all based on your life experience that causes you to be who you are. The human brain is capable of all the so call Disorder and Diseases. Too many people in this society believing and going with whatever the doctors tell them. Quit brainwashing yourself with this nonsense and just know that its normal base on what you been through in your life and take control. Stop looking for excuses to put labels on your actions and mental state. You think I don't have BPD? I'm also diagnosed with PTSD and bunch of other shit. But that's all just stupid labels and excuses for your actions, you refuse to be responsible for and take control of. The brain is capable of so much shit. It can help you or it can fuck you up. Only you can fix your own fucked up mindset, and that's only if you really want to. Most people keep those labels on them so they can have an excuse for their bad behaviors. Human Psychology.

Bryan Webster

Billy and jezza were better

KD Infinity


Creighton The Wanderer

That MW3 mission wasn't controversial, a kid died, happens all the time.

Taylor Maurer

Shut up alyssa

Zuper Viana

My older sibling died in a miscarriage 😭

Guy Dahan

Best comparsion iv'e seen, you deserve more subs

Flutter Blitz

Song at 12:14?

Kanjana Jitsupapan

Cool !!

krörkeöel cldslld


Mullion 11

Tanner has pour skills

Bobble kitty

I get so scared at my lunchtime everyone pushes

Sunflxwer_ essence

Ya know what I would do I would go up to him and start beating him up

Nicole Ferguson

I got cars faster than Cory


Can you make one starbucks in Croatia


I feel sorry for her but A-



Pride Fxiry

Dope or Nope: does review on shirt

Cynthia Weiss



How are u alive ?Olaf: Yes

Lucas Dankman

You should do Usane Bolt.

Jacob Marsden

Ultimately click bait I was expecting xo,etching like definitive proof they were demons not the common knowledge so common that it isn't a fan theory any more

1-like=1 hp

Tosha Jacobs

Mario Bros

V's Voice

Who else wants to make their own now?


Ea better make mirror edge 2

Nico Ferrero

Ty is my dad or at lest should be he acts the same as me and my dads name is ty odd coincidence



Nao Cube

when ur out of content and u came up with plunger idea sitting on the toilet :D

Ing Ly

Is this Thailand or Cambodia?


I like fidget spinners from my head to my toes Does anyone like fidget spinner


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