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Happy Halloween! Check out my Top 10 Scary Games that I suggest for this Halloween! Dead Space, Zombies, who know's what's in store for my review!Subscribe:the season is spoops and creeps. And the games that make us jump and scream because we love it for some reason. This year for Halloween I wanted to give you my Top 10 Scary Games that I've played to fit this season. So check out what best horror games made it to my top scary games list!What additions what you make to my top scary games list? Let me know!Support Our Patreon: Us On Twitch: Us On Reddit: Us On Twitter: Us On Facebook: Us On Instagram: Merchandise: Completionist Theme By Elite Ferrex - 10 Scary Games: Halloween Edition | The Completionist


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Benjamin Bingaman

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Cole 2019


Lukearode Live

Rage monster is a idiot

mr.jason CH

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Naz Yetis

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Zahilikerah Hussein

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Inu Bayu Aji

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Clarissa Kagoro



At 2:24, genius, thanks for pointing that out


When you spread hate about hating LGBTQ+ community then its not okay, but if you are not really telling them not to and you keep it to yourself then I'm fine with it, at least you aren't bothering me.

You made the films

Nathan Curr

Too rich


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Xenia H

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Abraham Morales



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