Top 5 Free VR Experiences for Oculus Rift

After diving into the Oculus Rift and downloading enough content to make any hard-drive scream bloody mary, Evan narrows down his favorite 5 VR experiences for the Oculus Rift and shares them with you.*Note: All of these downloads were free with the exception of a few saying "Free for a Limited Time." So...Download them quick so you can get them for free as well!Coming Soon:


Wt the last easter egg or something what the point from there

Simon Pierce

Tyson Chandler can finally go hot tubing with dude perfect!

Smalls Clan

Rip Cory

Wild One

This channel is so underrated :(

Kawaii Lover101

Jesus- this really came out of the blue for me. Bijuu has always seemed so high energy and happy and its crazy to think that this happened. I guess the worst people have to suffer the most, huh?


Manchester City

Dante Vivino


Chris Dennis

u guys should have the rock on

Philip Burchard Nielsen

You guys have so much ENERGY, I love it😊


Wtf is wrong with this person? Just because he likes feminine things doesn’t mean he was fucking gay. I know of many masculine gay people. For all she knows he could have been transgender

Marc de Verteuil


Maybe not fighting with fists, but you know what? That's not the only way to fight.

I'm not going to lie. This video made me tear up a bit. 😢

I spilled my tea

Inan Tosun

Dude, you are awesome. by the way you got me laughing at the very end. thanks ^^

Abdul rehman Darknes

The things you do are impossible


Americans: we're going to protect our land from the sea

strawberry boba

Ok I thought I was fine but I guess I’m not.😬


10 sounds like dial up.

Savanah Baxter

I love her voice omg. 😍❤

Atley Rawlins

Disney would make a great farmer because there very good at milking

Amel Bobar

under limit omg?

Sara Harp

Hi I luv this channel


Those groups are like cults.

Игорь Миронов


AJ Gerragauch

Congrats Garrett

Yon Wan

I need this in Spotify! (He’s a vocalist and a rapper ? LOVEEE THAT!)

Master Playz

9:56 me and CODYS?? u mean Garett

Forza 77Juve

When you’re getting a midnight snack and you hear ur mom coming 6:18

Lauren Eskenazi


thicc computer bae대리석

Why does she sound like the voice actress that voiced that yandere chick from that one yandere sim game.

Lucas Cady

Thanks for the Million bucks Gatorade, I'm taking that straight to the Tank!!

Agent piggles

“I can’t believe they did this to me” boi without them you prolly wouldn’t be here k

Leonardo Matencio Ibarra

im spanis sorry

Caleb Yazzie

Hi guru :)

nije bitno

Omg why did I burst into tears


damn that stepbro is a savage

Gus Arnold

This is just the striking vipers episode of black mirror but bad.

He Who Sees In The Dark

6:31 song name..?

Michael Duncan

Go to Australia and do something with their Rugby League or Aussie Rules Footbal

Michael Jurek


Kenzie Wilson-Perry

Having a big family isn’t the best, my family and I are Kittitians ( we are from St Kitts) and my great nana and some of her kids came to England from there, now the family is filled with coldness and most of my great nanas kids are only sticking around for her will ( jokes on them, half of them aren’t even included in the will) love and appreciate the people who actually love you, you were adopted for a reason..

Diego Campos robles

Soy un c rak


We want more videos with this music

ungreatful brat!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

Bandit •

for all i know... i’m trying this at home.

Savy Sunflower

So inspirational,makes me think how lucky I am and others not so much at times. I am going to join one of the many groups to help raise money for these diseases. Anyone who is suffering anything you are in my prayers 😊🙏🏾


this is so awesome xD"we actually found some fresh some panda poo" xDxD

Marwan Eskileeh

I sal call you, Lisa

Sean Doyle

You should make another vid soon

XXX On A KiLL Streak

any body notice dj khaled's namr

Cash's Doing A Bit of Everything

That was and eggcelent video


non shatter train

Baron Grossberg

This video is sponsored by sticky hands


Its OK do wat feels best 4 U :)

Connor Brennan

Where’s kyrie


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