Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash - Hero Run 05 | Game Robot Khủng Long biến hình #05

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The waves of life

This made me cry just imagining how horrible her life is

Nicholas Holmes

Do an airplane/airport stereotype video


I may be fat

Winter Snow

Yeah he's not an animal are nicer

Tasunke Weston

You should do a nba2k19 stereotype

Maroine Bdaa

Wanna see a giant cheesy corn dog !!!! 30 pound one !!


8:17 ok, we ain't gonna talk about the no-no word in a cartoon? Ok, cool.

Potato •

ooooo cheeseballs love them!

Hassan Mukhtar


Viva La Pluto

I did not get 4 but I had an idea of what it was can someone tell me

Ain’t no

This sounds a bit like did wait it’s is nvm I have been waiting for this


it looks like emudshit has had something to with this looks very much like his unreal game. maybe they just saw his videos lol


theres 3 i thought there was only 2

Max Stonick

At first I thought it was a movie


o_0 wow!!!

Jyri Lappalainen

Google: find Chuck norris

Emran Fezal


Sophia Eleftheria


Liberty S.

Wait okay I get this is in reference to e-cigarettes and that they are harmful and most people right now think they aren't but I didn't get why Juanpa started hitting his computer monitor. Where did that come from? Like did he go a little crazy? The other two got sick but was he mentally affected by it instead?

Shahzad Shahzad

Move to Canada we have respect

Adam Durham

i see my light

Courteney Campbell

Yesss Starbucks I knew it 😭😭😭

Princess Badass

Mannn they look like sims


Has anyone realised at 1:30 the pillars look similar to those in brave

The_Legendary Pumpkin


Pinat Khafizov

Не только я один русский смотрю

Jegan the mass

You can pubg or any game like that in vr mode

Uma Maheswari

You can make swimming pool stereotype

Jake Hathaway

Name of song?


Tfw> worst easter egg in caustic cavern 

My mom is an immigrant so this made me mad.😡

Azola Mzanywa


jardan kaponi




That kid With ADHD

Baseball trick shots!...just half the shots are basketball shots on a baseball field.

Shark Von Panzer

me: its okay to long the vid

seraphine da silva

like all shots !!!!!! i love dude perfect !

Tony DaBeast

It shouldn't be dude perfect it should be luckiest bastard alive

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)


Kvngjay 14

Now fortnites gonna add a secret in game Easter egg

Iceey Go Call

I have severe anxiety


Second trailer already and just a couple months left for the movie, still have no idea what the plot is

Chandler: Changes name


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