Troll Noob with Zombies..! Fortnite FAILS & WINS v2.35

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pratibha sachan

Flying paper airplanes still 63 mil views that perfect

King Master

Song ?


there is a solidus snake easter egg I think man

seth pickard

Calamity vati

Black ChanZX

Last Day 👌🏻

Kramer X

5:34 Like If u see purple

Farah Izzaty

Thank you so much for this encouraging video! I have been dissapointed with my self since last year as i cannot do anything that i want and always blame myself for it as i always lost the chance that i had. There are few times that i got the chance to fix it but since im too afraid to face this world, i got too scared and just stays at home like usual. I always set goals to do something but when it comes, i run from it. And starting this year, im gonna make it happen even it is a slow progress but im gonna make sure to have at least one progress a day. Once again thanks love! ♥️ from malaysia

Miracle Rivera

(._.) >_< so sad

The brings the nasty food guy

Jose Caba

So you only get to play with the worst character in dragkn ball? No thanks.

c h ë r r y기대

Mi pregunta es...

Ale Nannariello


I keep finding the creepy macdonalds ad pop up and im starting to think that chucky is coming after me AND CHUCKY IS NOTHING TO DO WITH MACDONALDS



Riley Painter


Jaren Frederick

The pizza failed me

Angel Cruz

U guys make the best videos

Koala fication

Maiq also references stuff that has been debated on the forums.

Bence Szebeni

Bordercraft :D

not being and idot

xHyPeD HeRd FaN

Way to hop on the cod hating bandwagon! and by the way, name 3 things that are the same about blops 2 and I will not call you anything more then a dumbass.

Jax Jones

Sorry I understand it now

Marc-Olivier Robertson

what spectrogram software do you use?

Travis smith

I have a Ryan tannahill football card dolfins baby

Jason Gaming

I feel SO sorry for you....... 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Allen Martinez

Rappers pull up in wraiths this nigga teleport

Paunasara Basns

I level 98 crosand all charecters unlocked and balls

Geographer Sam

Why isn’t the UK shaded in green?

Springtrap The Rabbit

That last one though


I bet that guy kills at disc golf!!

pawan khadkaa

We know your name Joseph💕💕 from 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

twice is life

Happy Happy ranks #1 on Line Music's daily chart today and Breakthrough ranks #3. Let's keep it up!


Video Game Easter Eggs. Stranger Things on the Thumbnail!


Brendan McClory

St. Louis Blues all the way

Key Ann

@Mr & Mrs Smith lol


Do you learn about society?? You seem so d u m b you know bullying are bad, you know you make her a miserable/isulated person.

HobiHomiez Hayes

I love softball

Hildana Teshome

This is amazing

Jeff Myers

You should do tyreek hill

Eliot Jones

You guys should redo this,I've started watching at this video and haven't stopped since. I would love to see a remake

Wilbert Navarro

Why if dude Perfect drible a ball and there's a poop on the floor

Exept he doesn't say sorry...

Paul Reyes

Without Halo I would of never been on Xbox it felt like forever but it's good to have you back master chief




Omg y’all are so Cute!! !! And that breakfast looks soo damm GOOD! 😋😱

mira moore

Why won't you do a wives edition

, ETC. (but school Is hell trust me)

Crystal Abiera

Honestly though, I think everyone gets anxious from time to time but that doesn't mean you should let that hold you down. I mean, think about everything you could've done if you didn't let anxiety get the best of you. Instead of wasting you're time because of thinking all those negative things that didn't help you at all, why not think positive and move on with you're life and spreading love and happiness to everyone? Remember that "Ann-xiety" is just a figure of you're imagination, something you're brain made up because of over thinking too much (Well, at least I think it is). Also, I'm pretty sure that everyone face problems every single day that you're alive and breathing. I mean, that's life for you, always having ups and downs. Don't worry or over think too much. We are all going through life TOGETHER. I may not know you, but always and I mean ALWAYS remember that someone loves you for you. 💜

Greninja kid


You are a part of a lineage of descendants that very well could span countless generations. A Real Job

Charlie Og apex legend


Marcel Rensen

E kan Tenis

Thomas Bautista

What was in the ballon?


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