TULE - Fearless [NCS Release]

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Andreas Spentzos

Steve Kerr: "Im excited for both" (When referring to 3some) HAHAHA!

silvi c

always great music in yourvideos

Max Hart

Cody did not do a cast of a life time


Fuck this df is this bullshit unprofessional cockshit if you wanted to post a bunch of talos crap you shoulda made a separate video deceiving ass fucker


I wonder if the music is backwards, sounds like it is

Jane Doe



Dude, I loved that Tyrannosaurus lost in Jurassic Park 3, Spinosaurus FTW!!

Shania Esho

omg i think i know why cermet is always crying, he's closest to being a cancer. Cancer's are emotional.


Thx for liking it I was trying to make someone’s day better 🤗❤️

Blessen Reji

panda exposed

Rudolf Schumacher

5:24 not sure but isnt that also a Easteregg on Rainbow Six:Siege? "We need to breach, how about you let Rainbow how its done"

should i wait 90 days to change my name?

i watch it in the middle of my water fasting 😂


I'm a simple guy, I see that FunWithGuru made a video and I drop everything including my newborn child to watch it.

Alice Bayless


Audo and ChuckleNuts

Great, now I want pizza :\

You ain't gotta be frustrated

YourWelcome 3D

this was recorded the day I turned 8

Toochie Toonz

That water scene, what is this Moana?

Kian Abarte

dp can you try sling shot in the roof top

Jimmy Rustles


Erik Lotshaw

7:49 I see you're getting your money's worth from the AeroPress accessories.

Sara pervez

Ashannie 4 ever

Brant Young

Didn't Ty or any of the dude perfect guys play for Texas A&M?


Its weird i have these symtoms but never knew about this disorder.

Kurt Antipaso

Thats LT.Dan

Gacha Muffin

It’s sad that there’s full of rude and horrible people out there but it’s lovely that there’s people out there like this person who helped this mother and her baby



Dorothy Snyder

I follow Dr. Robert Morse on you tube and he believes that your lymph system is basically clogged up. You got to get your kidneys filtering.  If I were you I would spend a couple days watching his videos.  He sells herbs but you don't have to buy them.  Plenty of people I know have healed very well with a strict diet alone. 


@wasthatakid ha I've seen your shots there boss

jeon jungOo

imagine ur instastories compilation with him eYE-☠️

DJ Plays

I have been checking if the Dolan Twins uploaded today so this morning I have been REFRESHING THE PAGE this whole time & I checked their Insta! NoThInG!?But then when I checked Snap I saw Ethan posted something so I haven't lost hope 😁😁

iiSpaceIsLife ii

17!!! Well, it’s time to make happiness GOOOOOOOOOOOO

(Bull Shi*t)

Nevaeh Z


Bhola Singh

I love dude perfect


this is amazing!

HockeyLegend 24/7

This video brought back so many memories from 2016's dude perfect and from everything else. Thank you dp for making videos please never stop

Avery Merz



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