Vlad und Nikita geben vor, mit Freunden ein Toy Cafe zu spielen

Kinder spielen mit Spieleis, geben vor, Limonade und Saft zu machen.

billy bob27

The worlds largest slingshot

but my dog was 18 and a half when he passed.

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Melissa Marquette

omg elsa was wearing something that wasn't blue! plot twist! I love the water horse and the ice boat olaf and anna were riding in. calling it now-grand pabbie is the villain. in a way the majority of the plot in the first movie could have been avoided if he had explained what he meant instead of being all mystical and vague.


team Coby all the way

Football pros Mahomes

2018? Like if you are

Surcy Xx

‘Follow me and i’ll tell you my story’ i thought she was talkin bout the gram and was just lookin for followers😂😂😂

chickin lover

I got 22


i really don't wanna know where the trigger is on mr. toots....


I dont get two and three but i f***king quit at that scary babyat toy story


I hate these vids there so obviously fake the titles seem so computer generated

1.1M Tomic

Perfect job guys 👍🏻


Really creepy....... Great list !

The Voice Impressionist

Merry Christmas Ada- I mean, shit, Guru!


You obliviously haven't played Bioshock 1 or you'd realize you have to gather the parts for your character to become a Big Daddy!

Kai Dixon

the cats name is tiddles

Evan Grant

They didn’t yeet

cheaper snack

I thought the thumbnail was Jesus I-

Shamma Humaid

Did anybody notice Patrick star at the entrance ? black jacket and silver pants ?

Beth Halpain

that's pop a shot style, five balls


1 tendencia en Colombia


If you go to the last chaper, Epilogue, go to Ellie's Backpack before the ending cutscene, you can find comics, joke books, her switchblade and most importantly, Riley's Pendant. Since Riley will be in the new DLC for the game, it's most likely a hint towards the upcoming DLC, we just didn't find it quick enough.

Semih Kutsal


Eyad Shaher

Yourt-shirt same is my shoes

Are You planning to do a video on Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs?


Cats:Meow, MeowDogs: Woof, WoofCows: Moo, MooIdiots:2019? 2019?

Kyla M

Seeing The Garden of Words on here made me so happy. Never have I seen a movie give so much sensory detail, beyond perfect. <3

a skinny bitch*

ooo i love these

Gamer anime music For you

she could adopt a baby

PMF- Esports

You are just a green minded man bitch fuck u

Pizza cat

1 like=1 more basketball


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