Weirdest Moments in NBA • Crazy Reactions 2019

You will love this video that made of LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Joel Embiid etc..Enjoy the video..Spor Delisi HD © 2019

Spiral Slayer747

i get this. i have auditory-sensory synesthesia, and when i hear sounds of any kind, i get physical sensations. some feel good, and some i barely notice anymore, but others are excruciatingly painful.


U guys should do a mom edition

King Dededong

I'm pretty sure this video was up before. Did you re-upload it?

JACKO Thomas

Good job dude perfect

Genevieve Love

Please do Star Wars the last Jedi where Rey is in the cave

Svetlin Andreev

These guys really love the Minecraft trailer song. This is the second video on this channel where I notice it in the backgroud

TEAM SY Gamers

Lime si eres español Yo también tengo canal

teh neash

Good list

T5 Squad

Cody got mad muscles

Keaton Dee

Two of my favourite artists🔥🔥🔥


I hope u get better soon, this is heartbreaking

Another Wolf

i don't know if this advices work too with borderline personality and when the goals you want to reach is part of wanting this world to change

You f****ng idiot

I’m In!

who even is the old guy?

Quinten Saija

I rate the review

Minecraft Berd Minecraft


Nyoman Arya

Add channelNyoman Aryalfa


The same story game after game after game

lion gardiner

November 2018?

Zaviir 7

Never stop what your doing, you see things others can’t... and that’s incredible

Jimmy Litherland

If he had six months left he couldn't have14 months of treatment

Lennart Schipper

The best Video I‘ve seen in my life!!!

Daniel Parra

I know right

Stefanie Santo


Ingrid Ruiz

Hey daddy 😝

Im so confused right now

Im happy i can go to school

De Livnox


My eyes: looks at his black hair. '


0:32 commmmeeee visit me bois ( I live in England ) :)

Keny Standards

I ship them !!!

Trying to get 6969 subscribers with no videos

My mother was the second IVF or “test tube” baby ^^ not sure if you can find it on google but it was in the newspaper


My magnus opus. I hope this lived up to all your wildest expectations. Apologies if I didn't get to your question, I didn't want it going for too long.


That is the best outro I have ever seen

Vladimir Aleksandrov

Fun with guru I have something great to say Awesome Make more Vid I love all of your Easter eggs Videos make more Easter eggs vid Ohh and were do you get them al easter eggs And I love you Fun with guru who ever you are

James Wutchak

I love it

anujin erdeneochir

15:55 NOOOO! It's unpair!!

Joseph Cuffaro

my best score is 32

Matthew Gamer

6:30 you can see the dog get scared and run


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