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Nicole Jones

So I don’t normally like videos but the plunger quad rotate trampoline front flip sticker... that deserves a like

Lil’ Chungus

What happened to the old animator? The detailed drawings? The great voice overs?

Danget chad

Reshma s

I guess her baby died cause she was biting her nails


I’d like to know what else she was doing. I doubt stress alone cause cancer. Was she doing recreational drugs, maybe?

MLGKID Awesomeness

4:11 what the hell happened to her eye?!

Alfonso Figueroa

Yes I'm early I got a joke

Aly Rajani

You guys should do 1v1 bballLike if u agree

Everyone else: aren’t we all on lsd

Tommy Blomer


Adrianna Gonzalez

5:43 Hasta Lavista Baby

Cathal Hayes

Ah yes. I believe NVidia denied that afterwards

Karan Lilani

Do school stereotypes or YouTubed stereotypes

jhovani vids


Girl, you are a SUPERHERO

Britney Padilla

Of course you love you baby it’s science and I forget why but science and a really cute

Julie Johnson

Stunning collection 💜💜💜

Julie L


Bayden Hooper

can someone help me articulate how I can articulate that I have had self hatred from such a young age, I’ve compulsively lied to so many people throughout my past and have gained and lost so many friends left relationships with no closure and feel so much emotion so emmensly freaking out having panic attacks depressive episodes and feelings of hyper activity and getting confused so easily or understanding in seconds, if anyone can message me and help me out please do 😅 I struggle with my own thought and feelings every day and can’t take it anymore...I know I’m appealing to a fricken youtube comment section but I always tell myself I’m fine the next day and I never do something about this battle in my head and the battle to be okay with my family and the few friends I have left..

Ayden Montoya

That was wassum

Cheddar Offical

btw i suffered from autism, then idk, i got a bit normal at the age of 14 :/

aliesa waheeda

Well that's a roller coaster of a video. I didn't expect there's more to it and the fact that her mother's boyfriend is more of her parents than the actual parents like holy crap they abused her especially the father who's pins her down for just asking to be able to see a therapist. She's sugarcoating the fact of her abuse by making excuses that her parents' past which it's still not okay at all.

Yang Ming

@TheZippo856 bounced out of the camera's view??

Home boys

I'm Tiffany. Tiffany is sassy.


Don’t you hate it when sand is stuck to the back of your heel while a boogie board is attached and it hits the heel, and it is SOOOO FRIKIN PAINFUL😬😟😫

robb gamers pufs

Num 3 song is twinkle twinkle Little Star

Potato King OG

Stop winning

kenneth manning

I pray that all of us can conquer all of these things that's making our life a living nightmare stay strong my brother's and sisters

Saqib Shafiq

Dont lose hope coby you can still win

Stavros Stavrou

Fake! if you manage to pause the video right on 0.15 seconds, the position of the camera on the right does'nt much the position of the people on the left, there is no camera in that position.

nathan poling

Dudeperfet you are the bestI love you guy's and the other day I will be the same thing as an example for me to 7

Happy Rose111

Hahaha I remember watching that scene in the Office at 1 am and almost falling asleep to it

Edward Crown

and when ethan lose his arm, near you find a chainsaw, another reference

Nicholas Franza

I bet my anal virginity he isn’t in the nfl

Those YouTube Kids

Omg! CF! Let’s just hope she watched Five Feet Apart

Ari Libby

Do you ever get deported not against your will?!?!?

Squiffles Squaffles

Very relatable.


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