Wild Kratts 🤖 Part 3: Creature Rescue from the Robotics Expert | Kids Videos

The Wild Kratts are on a mission to stop Zach Varmitech from using his robots to kidnap animals. These heroes are going to make sure the animals are "living free and in the wild!"Now you can go wild with the Wild Kratts every Wednesday with a brand new video on the official Wild Kratts channel!The Kratts brothers leap into animated action in Wild Kratts, a new half hour adventure comedy from the creators of the hit show Kratts’ Creatures and Zaboomafoo.In each episode, Chris and Martin Kratt travel to a different corner of the world to meet amazing new animals.Join the wild Kratts for a laugh-out-loud comedy adventure, as Martin and Chris activate their Creature Power Suits to rescue their animal friends!#WildKratts


too cool

Jason Shan

lol he started singing the espn song

Lucy Ivie

That’s why I only wear one-pieces

and sry about my english

Eathan Ruth

I have had my birthday there at that same bass pro shop I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!

You mean Peyote, it was even on the screen when found haha.

Damilare Shoyode

This is amazing.. thumbs of Anwar... the more human we are the better the world will be

Alena Gale

I love South Carolina gamecocks


M Fadli Al amien Al-Qur'an 789

Sumpah keren bangettttt .ajarin lahhhhh

Kimi Last

Bmike mad love 💖

Zachary Peters

Who else is hyped for giga-mon!!!!!!!

seth stricklin

my favorite team is the patriots

Matthew K.

That first one is so cool


i am certified confused

Suzanne Garcia

Find the diffirance

Scooter RM

I'm totally late but I love the vid!I'm so mood swings and ball hunter

Hope she realizes that for people like us, in the LGBT community, all go through ten times worse,,



Yuri ramos


Jackson Cronk


Girlylegolover 13

Omg i have it


Great video!!

X War killer

1 or 2

Shikhar Agrawal

How does that skeet turned green from orange at 4:41

Tami Schwenk


LTwalker gaming

Got a Lego harry potter add from watching this...

YoBoy Goat


Kade Shadow

4:43 Red head boy

brandon gerth

hmm thought i saw the same title on the hub...u know what hub


Kappa isn't really that scary to me lol.

Funimistic Gaming

2:41 don't say he don't look like Gareth Bale


Editors: How much of the same footage do you want?Director: Yes

Ronan Montgomery

Yeah I couldn't imagine what it would be like being bullied for who you are.

stuped josh

that gator In the sower is leather face in tmnt


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