Winter Has Come

I don't got time for lies and jokes

Jaddah Young

Hi my bday is December 23 how about you

Nahe Rahman

you guys are best

Sees title today: My husband almost killed me Understanding this aspect of nicotine addiction is important for all former smokers, no matter if they are off for just a few days, six months, years or even decades. One puff has the full potential of costing any former smoker his or her quit and that can end up costing his or her health and eventually his or her life.

Amauree Bailey

Signature dunk

Cortanna Orient

Geez now I feel old for having an Xbox 360

Kurt Baban

There ducks

Kadoboy23 Yeet

I’m foul guy friend shoot only 3s


Can you do more rockets please?


No u didnt

Paintball_Baseball _07

Team Tyler!!!

Alex Martinelli

how do you make a egg laugh you tell it a eggslint joke


Guru is the kind of YouTuber I'd like to meet and play games with

Papa Peaceful

Cold hard cash is the worst song I have ever heard XD

Tyrone Lanave


alex vance

That’s rude ty

Vannelope P

What a loser

Dennys Guilherme

Me chine de bok


That looks amazing. We bought the thermometer, love it!

Ethan You

Good thing I’m clicking off this video right after this comment is made cuz this is too sad :(

Jai Parkash Sheoran

Is it always fix that Coby is made for defeat


@BmxStar057 curved


look up mike saccucci bball shot

Keith Whitfield


Joshua Thompson

Hole in one

Youchun Xia

My mum called me a dumbass and when I did something really good they are just like good job, without raising their own head from their phones.

Adam Donald

Sean Evans gleeking at 12:28

Welcome Nade

After that kick O

And I so often look for sites etc that lists all references to a certain movie or series, so I think it's a perfect opportunity ^^

Reaper 77

BREAk up with your girlfriend I’m BOREd

Ally Animates / Ally Wolfy

Dont try this at home if your not a dude perfect member!

Anbreal Johnson

So body touch my baby they going to catch these 🤚 I will be scared but I will do it

Vincent Whitaker



Anyone saw that ty rigs it

Alexis Macias

I love panda

Manuel Rolon

Go Raiders

Emiliano Vera

I think this new Fallout will be amazing :D

shubh agrawal

Cotton bros nailed it !!!


Posted a new vid


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