WTF is up with this GameStop?

I visited one of the nicest GameStop stores I'd ever seen in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was so nice, I thought I'd share some of the differences between this GameStop and all the GameStop stores I've ever visited here in the US. Music: Crystal Child by Vexentoyou haven't subscribed to his channel, his music is some of the best on YouTube.Thanks for watching Quest Mode!

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Krshna Denise Mirador


Doctor Frosty

Really? The kid is Loki? What a disappointment.

Chip chronister


Tyler W

am i the only one who think loquisha looks funny

Clifford Calang

This is a really familiar territory. I had been like this too but thankfully i longer am like this it is just a manner of exposure to a anxiety inducing events until the hostile becomes a friendly.

I love GTA 5

Livvie FALE




Suyin Han 1975


Marius Schulte

Jag Hillary ornisar

it's your boy joey

favorite trick shot: longest throw and catch AMAZING!!!!!!

Jordan B

oh my god I live in Orlando too

Owen Menefee

Tiger woods

Gacha Player

At the first map it was that fire and u can put it

CDaniel J80

Joe Montana

I’m not sure if I have depression or anxiety but I have lots of those symptoms for example I get insomnia almost every single night. If Even the slightest things upsets me I will either over eat or not eat at all. I try to block out mean comments but they always come back no matter how small or stupid they are or who they are from. I over think every little word I say afraid of what someone will say in response and I hate showing weakness. I tend to have mental breaks downs because I stock pile bad things that happen, and I end up just crying even if I’m at school, in class out in public or at home. I also tend to have panic attacks for some of the sipilist or most dramatic things ever. Things that happened years ago still upset me! And I tend to have self hate because of all these weaknesses, i don’t hurt myself but still the self hate hurts me and it’s hard to get that voice out of your head. I care to much about people’s opinions even tho I act as if I don’t. Example just the other day my friend came to my house and we joke saying we are twins cause we look simaler same b day almost same time same interests ect ect. And I was scared she wouldn’t want to hang out just cause of what I was wearing! I can hardly focus and I always seem to lose motivation or just lose interest in hobbies I had only the day before. I feel upset a lot of the time even when I’m happy. Also i understand depression goes deeper then just these symptoms but, I don’t want to go there as it is just hard to explain.

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Plz sub to me


I have a step daughter and we only add the “step” when it’s necessary. But it rarely is. I love her so much she is my baby. She’s always called me mom since she was little. Her bio mom is in her life but she only sees her once a every few months. She has 2 moms that love her one that lives with her and one that doesn’t. I’m glad she lives with me because she’s my kid and I want them al to be with me.

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LuKaS 7776 H

Cool effects at 6:07!!

Cedric Mathew Hudson

The world : wow the first one really was predictable and overhyped, the sequel is proba--Disney : you were saying?The world : shocked Pikachu meme

Casey Shore

I’m gonna guess over $300

Not cuz I'm depressed, cuz I have...

Abdul-latiff Shamroukh

2:35 where's Luigi?


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